- June 7 - Williams Grove Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Austin Hubbard at Williams Grove Speedway AMS

Austin Hubbard at Williams Grove Speedway. (Gary Shrey)

Appalachian Mountain Speedweek: Hubbard Wins First AMS Feature at Williams Grove

series report

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. - June 7. Delaware’s Austin Hubbard drove by veteran Rick Eckert of York, Pa. to score the win in Tuesday's 40-lap Appalachian Mountain Late Model Speedweek feature at Williams Grove Speedway.

Hubbard set quick time earlier in the night and went to the post third in the starting field. After overtaking Gary Stuhler on the second lap, Hubbard worked on Eckert for the next 14 laps before finally pulling off an inside pass as the pair exited the fourth corner with 16 away.

Hubbard raced clean and easy to the victory over the final half of the race, feathering his car’s throttle around the half-mile oval for the $5,000 win.

A three-car race for third dominated race action during the final 20 laps as Duane Harbaugh, Gary Stuhler and Dylan Yoder dueled for the spot lap after lap until Yoder finally sealed the position with five laps to go.

Stuhler quickly followed him through and the pair then raced door to door over the final laps.

A caution flag with one to go threatened to mix up the battle at the front but not so in the end as the top five ended up Hubbard over Eckert, Yoder, Stuhler and Jason Covert.

“This is like a perfect night. The car was awesome all night,” Hubbard said.


Appalachian Mt. Speedweek - Williams Grove Speedway
1) Austin Hubbard, 2) Rick Eckert, 3) Dylan Yoder, 4) Gary Stuhler, 5) Jason Covert, 6) Gene Knaub, 7) Duane Harbaugh, 8) Kenny Pettyjohn, 9) Vic Coffey, 10) Coleby Frye, 11) Jamie Lathroum, 12) Jeremy Miller, 13) Jimmy Mars, 14) D.J. Myers, 15) Jim Bernheisel, 16) Kenny Trevitz, 17) Jerry Bard, 18) Dan Stone, 19) Gregg Satterlee, 20) Mike Lupfer, 21) Kyle Lear, 22) Jim Yoder, 23) Steve Campbell, 24) Nick Dickson
Fast Time (49 entries): Hubbard (20.602); Heat winners: Miller, Coffey, Harbaugh, Hubbard; B-Main winners: Mars, Dickson

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