- June 5 - North Florida Speedway by Sam Holbrooks

As #2 Brandon Dewitt and #58 Mark Whitener raced for position at North Florida, some standing water from recent rains caused photographer Rick Warren to "reflect". Dewitt was the evening's fast qualifier and second place finisher. (Rick Warren) 











Ivey Is "King of the Lake" in NLMS Special

LAKE CITY, Fla. - After Mother Nature delayed the Hedman Husler National Late Model Series (NLMS) event at Lake City Speedway for one week, all competitors returned to decide who would be "King of the Lake", and that person turned out to be Tyler Ivey.

Brandon DeWitt set fast time for the event, but after the standard NLMS invert, when the checkered flag fell it was Tyler Ivey once again in the Hedman Husler Victory lane.  DeWitt worked his way back to finish second, followed by Jay Johnson, Mark Whitener, and Evan Becton, to round out the top five. 

Evan Becton was also the top finishing Bert Transmission Rookie of the race.

Eventual winner Tyler Ivey tracks #22 Brandon Cameron during the early laps at North Florida.

(Rick Warren)









NLMS - North Florida Speedway - June 5
1) Tyler Ivey, 2) Brandon Dewitt, 3) Jay Johnson, 4) Mark Whitener, 5) Evan Becton, 6) Jeremy Faircloth, 7) Cale Simons, 8) Kyle Bridges, 9) Bo Allen, 10) Adam Giles, 11) Skeeter Redmon, 12) Larry Perry, 13) Hunter Peacock, 14) Adam Bedenbaugh, 15) Brandon Cameron, 16) Travis Saunders, 17) Nelson Sweeney, 18) Eric Platt, 19) Billy Ray Boyd, 20) Dillon Wood, 21) Robbie Cowart, 22) Kitt Sealy, 23) Dave Barber Jr.
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