- June 5 - Mississippi Thunder Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Jason Rauen at Mississippi Thunder Speedway Cornbelt Clash

Jason Rauen is congratulated after his Cornbelt Clash win at Mississippi Thunder Speedway over a three-race, three-track weekend. (Mike Ruefer) 

Justin Mitchell and Tim Isenberg at Mississippi Thunder Speedway

With Jason Rauen dominating up front, #28 Justin Mitchell and #9 Tim Isenberg were left to settle second between themselves. (Mike Ruefer)

Lance Matthees - Chris Simpson - Miss Thunder Speedway

Upper midwestern veteran Lance Matthees chases fifth running Chris Simpson at Miss. Thunder Speedway.(Mike Ruefer)

Tyler Breuning - Doug Herrick - Mike Sorensen

Doug Herrick, Mike Sorensen (19), and Tyler Breuning (16) race at mid-pack before finishing 9th-11th at Mississippi Thunder Speedway. (Mike Ruefer)

June 5 - Miss. Thunder Speedway Cornbelt Clash
1) Jason Rauen, 2) Tim Isenberg, 3) Justin Mitchell, 4) Chris Simpson, 5) Chad Simpson, 6) Lance Mathees, 7) Denny Eckrich, 8) Brad Waits, 9) Doug Herrick, 10) Mike Sorenson, 11) Tyler Bruening, 12) Nick Herrick, 13) Jake Meier, 14) Andrew McKay, 15) Jason Uttter, 16) Kyle Junebeck, 17) Kelly Anderson, 18) Justin Hapka, 19) Dennis Hilson, 20) Kevin Kuehn, 21) Jill George, 22) Chris Gilbertson, 23) Jerry Bloom, 24) Kevin Sather, 25) Dave Eckrich
Heat winners (29 cars). Rauen, Mitchell, Isenberg; dash winner. Mitchell

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