- June 4 - Natural Bridge Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Rick Singleton - D.J. Troutman - David Bennett

Close quarter racing between Friday night Bandit winner D.J. Troutman, #99 Rick Singleton, and #14 David Bennett at Natural Bridge Speedway. (Kevin Fisher)

Steel Block Bandits: Overstreet Flag to Flag at Natural Bridge

NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. - June 4. It was his first win on the Steel Block Bandit series, but it looked like Lynchburg's J.R. Overstreet had been here before as he he led every lap of the 40-lap main event for the travelling tour at Natural Bridge Speedway on Saturday night.

Eddie Groome and Greg Roberson at Natural Bridge Speedway

Bandit regular Eddie Groome (21) challenges Greg Roberson for fifth at Natural Bridge Speedway. (Kevin Fisher)

JR Overstreet VL1 at Natural Bridge Speedway Steel Block Bandits

J.R. Overstreet after his first career Steel Block Bandit win at Natural Bridge Speedway. (Kevin Fisher)

J.R. Overstreet and Booper Bare at Natural Bridge Speedway Steel Block Bandits

Booper Bare chases leader J.R. Overstreet at NBS. (Kevin Fisher)

With Overstreet leading from the start, Gerald Davis dropped into second and Booper Bare moved to third from his third row starting spot. The pair shadowed the leader until the front of the pack met the rear of the pack, and Davis got together with a lapped car, ending his night in the pits and a disappointing 23rd place. Bare took over second and followed Overstreet for the remainder.

With Overstreet taking the win over Bare, Walker Arthur, Justin Williams, and Greg Roberson completed the top five.

Rick Singleton and David Bennett at Natural Bridge Speedway

David Bennett uses an outside line to get by #99 Rick Singleton en route to a seventh place showing at Natural Bridge Speedway. (Kevin Fisher)

Natural Bridge Speedway Steel Block Bandits
1) J.R. Overstreet, 2) Booper Bare, 3) Walker Arthur, 4) Justin Williams, 5) Greg Roberson, 6) Eddie Groome, 7) David Bennett, 8) Chris Barger, 9) Rick Singleton, 10) Bo Feathers, 11) Ricky Knight, 12) D.J.Troutman, 13) Wesley Bonebrake, 14) Matt Howsare, 15) Tanner Kerr, 16) Bruce Kane, 17) Kyle Merkel, 18) Matt Cosner, 19) Michael Alderman, 20) Danny Brown, 21) Trevor Feathers, 22) Sean Merkel, 23) Gerald Davis, 24) Mitch Miller, 25) Rick Hulson. 


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