- June 2 - Highland Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Billy Moyer VL at Highland Speedway

Billy Moyer in action Thursday with Mark Faust at Highland Speedway. (Chris Bork)

NALMS: Moyer Dominates Highland Leg of "Tri-Track Challenge"

Track report

HIGHLAND, Ill. - June 2. The first stop on the Northern All Stars Late Model Series (NALMS) "Tri-Track Challenge" is in the books, and Batesville Ark.’s Billy Moyer led flag to flag for the $5000 check Thursday night at Highland Speedway.

Moyer lead all 40 laps of the main event, never challenged by any other competitor. Mark Faust hung in for the first part of the race, but faded back as Moyer ran a blistering pace. By lap 10, Moyer had caught the back half of the field and started to slice and dice his way through.

Mike Spatola - Mark Faust - Jason Feger

Mike Spatola moves by Mark Faust to reach as high as second at Highland before a hard charging Jason Feger (outside) came on straong and chased Moyer to the checkers. (Chris Bork)

Mike Spatola moved into the number two spot as Jason Feger worked his way into the top five. By lap 16, Feger had ositioned himself into the number two spot but by then, Moyer had nearly a straight-away lead.

At lap 26, the first caution of the race came out for a slowing Randy Korte, giving an opportunity for Feger and Babb to see the rear of Moyer’s #21 racer, but as soon as the green returned, Moyer looked like he was shot out of a cannon. Several short yellows brought the field back together, and each time

Shannon Babb - Mike Spatola - Jason Feger

Shannon Babb battles three wide for second with #89 Mike Spatola and #25 Jason Feger.(Chris Bork)

 Moyer took command of the race, leaving the two Central Illinois drivers, Feger and Babb, to duke it out for second. When the double checkers flew Billy Moyer took home the $5000 check and the first win of the Tri State Challenge. Feger won the battle for second over Babb, Spatola finished third, and Highland regulars Faust and Michael Kloos finished fifth and sixth.

Friday night the Challenge continues at the Paducah International Raceway Iin Paducah Ky., and on Saturday it concludes at The I-55 Raceway in Pevely Mo. 

Nilly Moyer VL1 Highland Speedway NALMS 

Billy Moyer returned to Victory Lane for the eighth time this season after Thursday's NALMS event at Highland Speedway. Moyer outran Jason Feger and Shannon Babb. (Chris Bork)

June 2 - NALMS at Highland Speedway
1) Billy Moyer, 2) Jason Feger, 3) Shannon Babb, 4) Mike Spatola, 5) Mark Faust, 6) Michael Kloos, 7) Dillan White, 8) Billy Moyer, Jr., 9) Donny Walden, 10) Ryan Unzicker; 11) Rodney Melvin, 12) Brandon Sheppard, 13) Kevin Weaver, 14) Bobby Pierce, 15) Mark Larson, 16) Brian Shirley, 17) Randy Korte, 18) Mike Schulte, 19) Greg Kimmons, 20) Frankie Martin, 21) Paul Bailey, 22) Ryan Little.
Fast Time (36 entries): Feger; Heat winners: Moyer, Spatola, Faust, Babb; B-Main winners: Unzicker, Sheppard

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