- June 25 - Hartwell Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Parker Herring VL1 - Hartwell Speedway

Fastrak "Charlie Mize Memorial" winner Parker Herring with Charlie Mize granddaughter Chelsea Smith after his $2,000 win in the Fastrak sanctioned event. (George Missita) 

Parker Herring and Lee Cooper at Hartwell Speedway

Parker Herring and Lee Copper fight for the early lead at Hartwell. (Mark Bochiardy)

Hot Rod Lamance at Hartwell Speedway

Long time Georgia racer Hot Rod Lamance reappeared to mix it up with the young guns during the Charlie Mize Memorial at Hartwell Speedway. (Mark Bochiardy)

Lee Cooper - Fast time and points leader

Lee Cooper came into the Hartwell event with the series points lead and left with the fast time award and a disappointing 12th place finish. (Mark Bochiardy)

David Smith and Ty Lowe at Hartwell Speedway

David Smith (left) and Ty Lowe watch local divisions before taking to the track and finishing second and third in the "Charlie Mize Memorial". (Mark Bochiardy)

Frankie Beard and Brandon Umberger

Local favorite Frankie Beard races inside of #54 Brandon Umberger at Hartwell. (Mark Bochiardy)

Parker Herring hd June 25 - Fastrak "Charlie Mize Memorial" at Hartwell (Ga.) Speedway
1) Parker Herring, 2) David Smith, 3) Ty Lowe, 4) Brandon Overton, 5) Chad Hale, 6) Brandon Umberger, 7) Grant Jordan, 8) Vic Chandler, 9) Brian Connor, 10) Richard Clew, 11) Danny Sanders, 12) Lee Cooper, 13) Frankie Beard, 14) Hot Rod LaMance, 15) Jordan Dill, 16) Chris Cape, 17) Tyler Harvey, 18) Eric Veal, 19) Rusty King, 20) Brian Grumbles

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