- June 24 - North Central Arkansas Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Show-Me Racing Series: Essary Gets Third Straight at North Central Arkansas

Trenton Berry

FLIPPIN, Ark. - June 25. The streak continues for Leslie Essary, as he won Friday’s 30-lap Race Brothers Show-Me Racing Series A Main at North Central Arkansas Speedway. Essary worked around Brandon Hunter on lap 13 to assume the top spot before leading the remaining caution-free laps.

Leslie Essary after his win at North Central Arkansas Speedway. (Trenton Berry)
Three quick yellows slowed the pace early on before the final 28 laps went without caution. After Essary took charge on lap 13, seventh starting Randy Zimmerman took over second and got to Essary’s rear bumper in heavy lapped traffic, but advanced no further. Hunter finished third after leading the opening 12 laps. Justin Wells charged from tenth to finish fourth, and Rex Merritt finished fifth.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Essary about his string of wins. “With all the good cars in this series to win three in a row is just luck.” For Essary this is the third time he’s won at least three Race Brothers Show Me Racin Series events in a row. His longest streak was four consecutive back in 2006. Series owner Bill McMurtrie has issued a challenge the next time out. Any driver able to beat Essary will receive a $250 bonus. However, if Essary is able to pull off the next win, he pockets an additional $100.

Heat wins went to Ken Essary, Randy Zimmerman, Justin Wells and Larry Campbell. Heat Three was the best of the four contested. Leslie Essary and Wells raced side by side for the lead, for over half the race. Wells was able to make up ground on the low side of turn four to take the win.

Show-Me Racing Series at North Central Arkansas Speedway
1. Leslie Essary 2. Randy Zimmerman 3. Brandon Hunter 4. Justin Wells 5. Rex Merritt 6. Larry Campbell 7. Jarrod Hilton 8. Ken Essary 9. Rick Lebow 10. Chris Deaton 11. Jake Davis 12. Chris Morelock 13. Brandon Cheek 14. Willie Gammill 15. Eric Tinderholt 16. Chris Reese 17. Robert McMurtire 18. Kyle Ledford 19. Jay Rierson 20. Ray Peacock 21. Dylan Davlin 22. Scott Fry
Heat winners: Ken Essary, Zimmerman, Wells, Campbell; B-Main winner: Morelock

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