- June 1 - Cedar County Raceway by Sam Holbrooks

Denny Eckrich - Chris Simpson at Cedar Co
Denny Eckrich and #32 Chris Simpson duel for second midway through the Cedar County event. (Mike Ruefer)
Cornbelt Clash: Chris Simpson Betters Bro at Cedar County 
Eric Huenefeld and Larry Bontz 
TIPTON, Ia. - June 1. Wednesday's Dart Corn Belt Clash race at the Cedar County Raceway seemed like a flashback to a year ago for most of it's 35 laps. Chris Simpson overtook brother Chad Simpson with a late pass and raced to his first win of the season in the 35-lap main event.
Chris Simpson at Cedar County Raceway. (Mike Ruefer)
Through a majority of the race, defending race winner and series champion Chad Simpson would lead the field and comfortably control the tempo.
But a funny thing happened on the way to another checkered flag for the Mt. Vernon, Iowa driver. And a foe he knows better than anyone would steal the check he was banking on and take it for his own.
That foe was Chad's brother Chris, who swooped in for a last lap pass and a $2000 payday at the Eastern Iowa bullring. A win for Chris that was just what the doctor ordered after a rough Memorial Day weekend.
Chris Simpson won the dash over his brother Chad, the reigning and defending two time champion of the series, but drew a two pill, which inverted the two to start the feature. Chad Simpson was like a rocket ship, with brother Chris in tow, followed by Denny Eckrich, Jake Meier, and Jason Rauen. The second place tussle between Chris Simpson and Eckrich would be one of the better battles on the track until a Lap 14 yellow for central Illinois driver Jason Jaggers slowed the pace for the first time.
Jake Meier - Andy Eckrich - Cedar County Raceway
Andy Eckrich and #20 Jake Meier battle for the seventh spot in the Cornbelt Clash stop at Cedar County. (Mike Ruefer)
As the battle for second heated up again, lap15 saw Denny Eckrich move his machine to second, and four laps later, his brother Dave cracked the top five, replacing Jason Rauen for fifth. In a matter of seven laps, Eckrich cut the lead from nearly a straightaway to a side-by-side battle. Chad Simpson and Eckrich work side by side for six laps until they encountered lap traffic on lap 28. It was there that both leaders got crossed up with a lapped car. Eckrich almost spun, losing ground as Chris Simpson got by for second.
Chris found the middle groove to his liking and moved his hot rod even up with Chad, using the high side of the speedway, as for the first time all race, Chad chose the bottom side. As the white flag flew, Chris made the winning move, stealing the lead and holding on by a car length as the duo hit the line.
Chad and Chris Simpson at CCS
Chris Simpson stalks brother Chris before taking a late pass to the win in the Cornbelt Clash event at Cedar County Speedway on Wednesday. (Mike Ruefer)
Kurt Kile and Jake Meier at Cedar County Raceway
Kurt Kile races under #20 Jake Meier on his way to fifth place at Cedar County. (Mike Ruefer)
  The win, Simpson's first of the season, was certainly sweet for the Oxford Iowa driver. Not only was he able to top his brother, but also was able to steal a win after a win was stolen from him earlier in the week. Leading the "Alphabet Soup" race in Greenwood, Neb. earlier in the week, the engine let go late in his car #32, handing that win to his brother, who this time had to settle for second ahead of Denny Eckrich, Rauen, and Dave Eckrich.
Chris Simpson in Victory Lane at Cedar County Raceway Cornbelt Clash
Race winner Chris Simpson. (Mike Ruefer)
June 1 - Cornbelt Clash - Cedar Co. Raceway
1) Chris Simpson, 2) Chad Simpson, 3) Denny Eckrich, 4) Jason Raun, 5) Dave Eckrich, 6) Kurt Kile, 7) Andy Eckrich, 8) Jake Meier, 9) Justin Mitchell, 10) Jason Utter, 11) Brian Harris, 12) Terry Neal, 13) Nick Marolf, 14) Tim Isenberg, 15) Rob Moss, 16) Andrew Mckay, 17) Kevin Sather, 18) Jeremiah Hurst, 19) Mike Fryer, 20) Jon Rogers, 21) Jill George (prov.), 22) Justin Jaggers, 23) Justin Kay, 24) Kevin Kile, 25) Skip Frey
Heat winners (31 entries): Chris Simpson, Meier, Chad Simpson, Denny Eckrich; B-Main winners: Kay, Moss.

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