- June 18 - Hartford Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Brian Ruhlman - Hartford Speedway ALMS winner

Brian Ruhlman at Hartford Speedway. (Jim Denhamer)

Curtis Roberts - Rusty Schlenk - Hartford Speedway ALMS

Curtis Roberts races under #91 Rusty Schlenk to finish second at Hartford.  Schlenk took fourth. (Jim Denhamer)

Brian Ruhlman at Hartford Speedway ALMS

Brian Ruhlman drives toward his first ALMS win in two years at Hartford Speedway. (Jim Denhamer)

June 18 - ALMS at Hartford Raceway
(1) Brian Ruhlman, (2) Curtis Roberts, (3) J.R. Hotovy, (4) Rusty Schlenk, (5) Ryan Vanderveen, (6) Eric Spangler, (7) Billy Bray, (8) Rick Delong, (9) Don Mihelich, (10) Guy Volk, (11) Kerry Mathew, (12) Skid Moudy, (13) Jeremy Ferguson, (14) Zack Busch, (15) Scott Baker, (16) Doug Ausra, (17) Phil Ausra, (18) Jerry Bowersock, (19) Darrin Roberts, (20) Alan Vochaska, (21) Steve Ausra, (22) Chuck Hummer, (23) Dusty Moore.
Heat winners (among 32 entries): Vochaska, Roberts, Vanderbeen. B-Main winner: Hotovy

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