- June 17 - Kankakee Co. Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Billy Moyer - Kankakee Late Model winner

Billy Moyer after his second straight Summernationals win at Kankakee, Ill., and his 12th of the season to date. (Mike Ruefer)











Ditto For Moyer Kankakee Summernationals #2

Kellen Burns, and correspondent report

KANKAKEE, Ill. - June 17. In a near mirror image of his performance the previous evening at Brownstown Speedway, Billy Moyer started in the same third position, sized up the front runners for about two-thirds of the race, then quickly made his way to the top spot, where he stared for his second straight Summernationals win.

It was also Moyer's fourth straight victory that included last weekend's domination of the Eldora Late Model Dream, and it made an even dozen trophies that puts the Batesville, Ark. pilot in a class of his own so far in 2010.

Putting in a strong showing at Kankakee, #24 Ryan Unzicker races Jeep Van Wormer before advancing to sixth place at Kankakee. (Mike Ruefer)








 Comfortable in his Chicago area surroundings, Frank Heckenast, Jr. was looking like a potential winner after leading away from the start with Jason Feger in tow and Moyer pacing the leaders. As he had done the night before Moyer waited until just past the midpoint to find an opening under Fegers down the backstretch and a few laps later, found Heckenast's weak spot near the same place on the track with 17 laps to go.

Feger finally found his way by Heckenast with 13 laps to go and charged toward the front, but with little for Moyer, who had built a large lead that he would hold on to for the $5,000 win. Jack Sullivan tracked Moyer early in the race, but couldn't follow Moyer through to the front and would have to settle for fourth ahead of Shannon Babb.

After running second for much of the races, Jason Feger got by #99 Frank Heckenast, Jr. to pick up second at Kankakee. (Mike Ruefer)








Summernationals - Kankakee County Speedway - June 17th
1. Billy Moyer 2. Jason Feger 3. Frank Heckenast Jr. 4. Jack Sullivan 5. Shannon Babb 6. Ryan Unzicker 7. Matt Miller 8. Jeep Van Wormer 9. Billy Moyer Jr. 10. Rodney Melvin 11. Mark Voigt 12. Jason Jameson (prov.) 13. Dennis Erb Jr. 14. Tanner English 15. Brandon Sheppard 16. Frank Heckenast Sr. 17. Kerry Matthews (prov.) 18. Brian Shirley 19. Rusty Schlenk 20. Bub McCool 21. Mike Provenzano 22. Kevin Weaver (prov.)
Fast Time (47 entries): Feger (14.133); Heat winners: Feger, Sullivan, Moyer, Heckenast; B-Main Winner: Shirley

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