- June 12 - West Plains Motor Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Eric Turner - West Plains Show-Me Series Late Models

Brian Garrison

WEST PLAINS, Mo. - June 12. WEST PLAINS, Mo. - June 12. Eric Turner of Springfield, Mo. drove to victory and the newly re-opened West Plains Speedway. For the second night straight, someone other than Justin Wells held the checkered flag in Victory Lane, and for the second night straight, Wells roared from deep in the field to second.

With well known crew chief Mike Streigel turning the wrenches, Turner had his work cut out for him as he started in the seventh position for the feature event. By lap seven, Turner had secured fourth from previous night winner Dustin Mooneyham and began working on the top three.

For the second night in a row, someone managed to hold Justin Wells to second best in a Show-Me Series event. The wonders never cease. (Ron Mitchell)









 Action out front was fast and furious as Larry Campbell, Brandon McCormick, and Chuck Comer were taking turns swapping the lead back and fourth. Using the bottom of the race track, Turner would overtake Comer on lap 10 and then reel in Campbell and McCormick. As the top three raced three-wide over the next several laps, Turner would take the lead on lap 14.

One lap later, disaster struck as Campbell and McCormick made contact on the front stretch, sending McCormick spinning in front of the field. Chuck Comer would not have enough time to react and ran over the top of McCormick's nose, ending his night as well. Turner held on to win the 25-lap feature, worth $1,000, his first ever with the Race Brothers Farm and Home Supply Show Me Racing Series in his Swafford's Amoco, Rushing Towing, SR Motorsports GRT.

Area driver Gary Stolba, a long-time competitor at West Plains events, hooked up with the Show-Me gang and posted ninth place. (Ron Mitchell)

Justin Wells started in the 10th spot and after the lap 15 restart was up to second to record his second straight runner up finish in as many nights. Campbell ran up front most of the night but settled for third behind Turner and Wells.

Mason Oberkramer of Broseley, Mo. was the night's biggest mover as he raced from his 19th starting position to finish fourth ahead of Mooneyham.

Eric Turner at speed after driving his seventh place start to the Show-Me Series win at West Plains. (Ron Mitchell)

Show-Me Series - West Plains Motor Speedway - June 12th
(1) Eric Turner, (2) Justin Wells, (3) Larry Campbell, (4) Mason Oberkramer, (5) Dustin Mooneyham, (6) Ken Essary, (7) Darrell Mooneyham, (8) Joseph Gorby, (9) Gary Stolba, (10) Ben Solberg, (11) Scott Fry, (12) Rex Merritt, (13) Randy Zimmerman, (14) Justin Asplin, (15) Chris Morelock, (16) Colton Dunlap, (17) Jarrod Hilton, (18) Zack Simmons, (19) Chuck Comer, (20) Ray Peacock, (21) Brandon McCormick, (22) Tim Winchester
Heat winners (31 entries): Mooneyham, Comer, Essary, Asplin; B-feature winners: Hilton, Stolba

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Updated 11/02/10

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