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Eldora Dream - Madden-Payne-Feger

Rain Delays Main Event After Eldora Heat Races Set Early Lineup

ROSSBURG, Oh. - June 12. A late evening thunderstorms swept across western Ohio and Eldora Speedway, forcing postponement of the annual Dream XVI event, but not before six heat races yielded six winners and the first nine starting slots for Sunday morning's final.

Southern drivers swept all six heat races as Heat wins went to Casey Roberts of Toccoa, Ga., who swept to the first heat win with a daring last-lap maneuver, Jonathan Davenport of Blairsville, Ga., Steve Francis of Ashland, Ky., Brandon Kinzer of Allen, Ky., Ray Cook of Brasstown, N.C., and Billy Moyer of Batesville, Ark.

Tim McCreadie of Watertown, N.Y., who was the fastest qualifier among 104 entries on Friday, advanced from the fifth starting spot in the first heat to finish third and transfer to the Dream XVI. He will start 18th in the 100-lapper.

Georgia's Casey Roberts scored an impressive heat win at Eldora after holding off #39 Tim MCCreadie, the race's fast qualifier. (Mike Ruefer)

With McCreadie earning a starting spot, fast time provisionals would go to Eldora owner Tony Stewart, who set second fast time before dropping out of the second heat race on lap three. However, the NASCAR star won't be able to compete if the event is held on Sunday, due to his Sprint Cup commitment at Michigan International Speedway.

The second fast-time provisional was earned by claimed by Jeep Van Wormer of Pinconning, Mich., who fell out of contention in the third heat race after he popped the turn two wall on the first lap.

In the first heat, Roberts started third behind Dan Schlieper and Jackie Boggs, who exchanged the top spot a couple of timers in the first two laps before Boggs slapped the wal in turn two and began to lose ground as Roberts slipped into second. Kent Robinson got into the wall on the next circuit to bring out a caution.

After the restart, Roberts turned up the wick on Schlieper while himself getting pressure from fast qualifier Tim McCreadie. Roberts powered past Schlieper on the final circuit to claim the win over Schlieper and McCreadie. Mississippi driver put in an impressive showing, just missing the cut after racing from his eighth place start to fourth.

Heat 1 Finish (and starting pos.): 1. Casey Roberts [3]; 2. Dan Schlieper [1]; 3. Tim McCreadie [5]; 4. Bub Mccool [8]; 5. Chris Madden [4]; 6. Jackie Boggs [2]; 7. Curtis Roberts [7]; 8. Jason Feger [11]; 9. Donnie Moran [18]; 10. Jeremy Payne [9]; 11. Jack Sullivan [10]; 12. Jerry Bowersock [15]; 13. Jacob Hawkins [14]; 14. Dave Hartman [17]; 15. Lee Davasier [16]; 16. Brent Kreke [12]; 17. Kent Robinson [13] 

Jonathan Davenport races to the win in heat race #2 at Eldora.

(Mike Ruefer)
Jonathan Davenport led all the way in heat race two, leading polesitter Greg Satterlee before a lap three caution flew for a wreck involving Doug Drown and Jason Jameson. Jameson retired from the race. Second fastest qualifier Tony Stewart also exited under the yellow with an assured fast time provisional.

Satterlee bungled the restart when he hit the starting cone, sending him to the rear of the field and Steve Casebolt into the chase position for the rest of the race. An at times physical duel for third in the last laps between Darrell Lanigan and Dale McDowell went to Lanigan.

Heat 2 Finish (and starting pos.): 1. Jonathan Davenport [2]; 2. Steve Casebolt [3]; 3. Darrell Lanigan [6]; 4. Dale McDowell [4]; 5. Earl Pearson Jr. [8]; 6. Dennis Erb Jr. [12]; 7. Doug Drown [9]; 8. Shanon Buckingham [16]; 9. Jay Johnson [7]; 10. Justin Rattliff [13]; 11. Keith Berner [11]; 12. Gregg Satterlee [1]; 13. Tony Stewart [5]; 14. Scott James [10]; 15. Scott Orr [14]; 16. Jason Jameson [15]

Steve Francis got the jump and led polesitter Brian Birkhofer every lap of the third heat race. After a less than satisfying qualifying attempt had him starting tenth on the grid, Wisconsin's Brady Smith moved quickly up to third by lap four and joined Francis and Birkhofer in pulling away from the rest and set up the top three finishers.

Heat 3 Finish (and starting pos.): 1. Steve Francis [2]; 2. Brian Birkhofer[1]; 3. Brady Smith [10]; 4. Brad Neat [4]; 5. Brian Shirley [3]; 6. Bart Hartman [9]; 7. Don O'Neal [14]; 8. Brett Wyatt [7]; 9. Keith Foss [11]; 10. Robby Hensley [15]; 11. Christopher Brown [13]; 12. Shannon Thornsberry[16]; 13. Jerry Rice [12]; 14. Chris Ferguson [8]; 15. Bryant Dickinson [17]; 16. Jeep Van Wormer [5]; 17. Eddie Carrier Jr. [6]

Brandon Kinzer led away from the start of the fourth heat, while fellow Kentuckian Dustin Neat gave chase until a lap seven caution for Jimmy Mars, who slowed on the track and retired. With the restart, Shane Clanton made his way past Will Vaught into third, then on another lap ten restart that followed Austin Hubbard's visit to the turn one wall, Clanton shot by Neat to claim second, and Josh Richards moved past Neat to claim the final transfer spot.

Jimmy Mars races #1 Josh Richards before dropping out of heat race #4. Richards went on third place and a transfer to the Dream. (Mike Ruefer)

Heat 4 Finish (and starting pos.): 1. Brandon Kinzer [1]; 2. Shane Clanton [5]; 3. Josh Richards [11]; 4. Dustin Neat [2]; 5. Will Vaught [4]; 6. Terry Phillips [7]; 7. Zack Dohm [13]; 8. Jon Henry [12]; 9. Wayne Chinn [15]; 10. Billy Moyer, Jr. [3]; 11. Ryan VanderVeen [16]; 12. John Mason [14]; 13. Keith Kennedy [17]; 14. Austin Hubbard [9]; 15. Ben Adkins [6]; 16. Chris Wall [8]; 17. Jimmy Mars [10]

ALMS regular J.R Hotovy led heat race five, but a brief encounter with the wall alowed Ray Cook to close in and take the lead three laps later. John Blankenship quickly followed into second, and on lap later, Jimmy Owens grabbed third from Hotovy and the final order was set.

Tim Dohm and Nick Maroff tangled with two laps to go to slow the field, and rain begin to fall on the speedway. The race was called complete and racing was delayed until the track was deemed safe to race on a few minutes later.

Heat 5 Finish (and starting pos.): 1. Ray Cook [4]; 2. John Blankenship [6]; 3. Jimmy Owens [5]; 4. J.R. Hotovy [1]; 5. Shannon Babb [7]; 6. Tony Knowles [9]; 7. Brian Ruhlman [10]; 8. Wayne Maffett Jr. [14]; 9. John Henderson [8]; 10. Nick Marolf [12]; 11. Nick Fronapfel [16]; 12. Frank Heckenast [2]; 13. Tim Dohm [3]; 14. Cliff Morrow [17]; 15. Josh Williams [13]; 16. Tim Sabo [15]

Billy Moyer led the early laps of the sixth heat under pressure from Scott Bloomquist before pulling away with a large lead for most of the remainder.

Tommy Klein slammed the turn three wall hard for an early caution, but the race would remain yellow free for the remainder as Moyer easily slid through traffic to claim a solid win. Mike Marlar had given up only one spot to Bloomquist on the start, but yielded no more ground and picked up third ahead of Matt Miller.

Heat 6 Finish (and starting pos.): 1. Billy Moyer [1]; 2. Scott Bloomquist [4]; 3. Mike Marlar [2]; 4. Matt Miller [3]; 5. Chad Simpson [5]; 6. Chub Frank [7]; 7. Eric Wells [14]; 8. Vic Hill [6]; 9. Clint Smith [8]; 10. Eric Jacobsen [11]; 11. Jared Landers [13]; 12. Aaron Ridley [9]; 13. Jeff Larson [12]; 14. Andrew Reaume [16]; 15. Casey Noonan [15]; 16. Tommy Klein [16]

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