- June 11 - Humboldt Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Dustin Mooneyham - Show-Me Late Models at Humboldt

Dustin Mooneyham races Missouri Late Model/Modified Rex Merritt before taking charge of the Humboldt Speedway Show-Me Racing Series event.(Andrew Towne photo)

Show-Me Field "Supermooned" at Humboldt; Clock Runs Out On Wells

Brian Garrison

HUMBOLDT, Kan. - June 11. Dustin 'Supermoon' Mooneyham of Aurora, Missouri put an end to Justin Wells' stranglehold on the Race Brothers Farm and Home Supply Show Me Racing Series as he captured the $1,000 feature win at Humboldt Speedway.  Mooneyham started seventh in the feature and quickly

Chris Morelock's night ends against the wall in 15th place at Humboldt.

(Chris Bork)

Veteran Rex Merritt gets a thumbs up at the scales after finishing fourth at Humboldt. (Chris Bork)
raced his way into the lead on lap 11.  From there Mooneyham survived four cautions in the 25 lap feature en route to his first ever Show Me series win. Wells, also of Aurora, struggled during his heat race and started 17th in the feature and raced his way into second on lap 24.  With only one lap to go, there was not enough time for Wells to catch Mooneyham.

Randy Zimmerman of Fort Scott, Kansas started on the pole and held the lead until Mooneyham would get by him on lap 11.  Zimmerman raced second to Mooneyham until Wells overtook him on lap 24.

While #98 Justin Wells makes his way all the way to second at Humboldt, #55 Ken Essary looks for a way under #73 Bill McMurtrie. (Andrew Towne)









Rex Merritt of Clever, Mo. gathered the most passing points from the heat races, but after the top eight redraw he would start the feature from the sixth position and finish fourth.

Chuck Comer of Joplin, MO started in the eighth spot and was racing in the top five by lap seven.  Comer continued to race hard and finished fifth.


Dustin Mooneyham after his First Show-Me Series win.

(Andrew Towne)

Show-Me Series - Humboldt Speedway - June 11th
(1) Dustin Mooneyham, (2) Justin Wells, (3) Randy Zimmerman, (4) Rex Merritt, (5) Chuck Comer, (6) Ken Essary, (7) Jack Simmons, (8) Bill McMurtrie Jr., (9) Joseph Gorby, (10) Scott Fry, (11) Andy Garstenhurn, (12) Larry Campbell, (13) Darrell Mooneyham, (14) Ray Peaccok, (15) Chris Morelock, (16) Ron Johnson, (17) Ronald Bunn, (18) Rylan Long, (19) Gary Gorby, (20) Dwight Neihoff, (21) Gean Davlin Jr., (22) Justin Asplin

Heat winners (31 entries): Merritt, Fry, Zimmerman, Dustin Mooneyham; B feature winners: Wells, Darrell Mooneyham

Chris Bork photo 


Updated 11/02/10

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