- June 11 - Bedford Speedway by Sam Holbrooks

Coleby Frye at speed at Bedford, Pa. (Brian McLeod)

Let's Get Physical: Fireworks and Frowns in AMS Finale As Frye Gets Biggest Career Win

BEDFORD, Pa. - June 11. Coleby Frye, of Dover, Pa. captured the final event of the week-long "Appalachian Mountain Speedweek" Saturday, while fellow Keystone State river Rick Eckert will take home the points championship for the mini-series after passing on preliminaries for the annual Eldora Speedway "Late Model Dream" in order the state his claim on the AMS title. 

Having enjoyed solid leads throughout Friday's main event from his pole

Jeremy Miller - Bedford Speedway
Bedford runner up Jeremy Miller ponders whether or not to keep Coleby Frye on his Christmas card list. (Brian McLeod)
position start, Frye, with visions of his biggest payday ever beginning to materialize, probably didn't expect to see many fireworks during the closing laps of the $5,000 to win affair, but that is indeed what happened when Frye jumped the cushion heading toward the two-to-go signal. That gave Thursday night Port Royal Speedway winner Jeremy Miller - who had been in close pursuit since the race's single caution and restart with just over ten laps to go - a brief opening to the lead.

 As Miller nudged ahead, Frye came roaring back and sliced low in turn one to try to regain the advantage, resulting in more contact with Miller. The two would scrape and bump together several times during the final lap, with Frye emerging with just enough of an edge to to see his #F1 finish first and drive on to Victory Lane - but not without Miller expressing his displeasure after the race.

With Miller having to take second over Vic Coffey and Derek Byler, Eckert's fifth place finish sealed the deal for the popular veteran on the AMS points title. Eckert finished with a 59-point advantage over Miller.

D.J. Troutman was actually the fast qualifier on the night, but he blew an engine as he crossed the finish line in his heat race.

Appalachian Speedweeks - Bedford Speedway - June 11
1) Coleby Frye, 2) Jeremy Miller, 3) Vic Coffey, 4) Derek Byler, 5) Rick Eckert, 6) D.J. Myers, 7) Darryl Hills, 8) Jack Pencil, 9) Jamie Lathroum, 10) Jeff Rine, 11) Brian Booze, 12) Nick Dickson, 13) Andy Anderson, 14) Ricky Elliott, 15) Scott Haus, 16) Jim Yoder, 17) Dylan Yoder, 18) Keith Jackson, 19) Sean Claar, 20) Steve Everhart, 21) Mike Lupfer, 22) Jeff Miller, 23) Randy Burkholder, 24) Scott Rhoades, 25) D.J. Troutman.
Brian McLeod photo

Final AMS Points:
1. Rick Eckert, 714 points
2. Jeremy Miller, 655
3. Nick Dickson, 550
4. Coleby Frye, 495
5. Jason Covert, 488
6. D.J. Myers, 460
7. Jamie Lathroum, 434
8. Jeff Rine, 423
9. Vic Coffey, 387
10. Darryl Hills, 348

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