- July 9-10 - Elko Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Jason Utter - Chad Simpson - Cornbelt Clash at Elko Speedway

Leader Jason Utter fights off an advancing Chad Simpson at Elko (Minn.) Speedway on the second night of a special Cornbelt Clash weekend of racing on the (normally) asphalt track. (Mike Ruefer) 

Minnesota's paved Elko Speedway gets a fresh coating of dirt in preparation for the Conbelt Clash appearance. (Mike Ruefer)
Cornbelt Clash: Simpson Sweeps Dirt on Asphalt Event at Elko

ELKO, Minn. - July 9-10. Friday and Saturday's Cornbelt Clash Series events featured a special wrinkle as Minnesota's Elko Speedway spread dirt across its asphalt oval and called it the Amsoil-sponsored "Dirt Nationals", but the outcome on both nights was very familiar as Chad Simpson piled on more series points and continued his domination of the tour.

Jason Rauen led all but one of Friday's 20 laps on opening night at Elko.

(Mike Ruefer)









On Friday, Simpson started seventh on the grid with only 20 laps to get the job done (thanks to a local curfew) as Jason Rauen led the field with Adam Hensel and Alan Mondus in tow. With three cautions slowing the action, Simpson worked his way forward until catching Rauen on lap 19 and making an 11th maneuver to get past for the win.

Kevin Sather picked up a pair of top fives over two nights of racing at Elko.

(Mike Ruefer)








Returning on Saturday, 10 laps and another $500 were added to the card, Marshall Fegers held the point, but gave up the lead after a lap three restart from caution. Ten laps later, Justin Fegers slowed and top five runner Justin Kay joined him in the pits, helping Simpson in his bid to advance toward the front after starting ninth. With the restart, Simpson got a jump on Dave Eckrich and Kevin Sather to grab third, then after Hensel stopped with four to go, Simpson overtook Marshall Fegers for second, then caught Utter on the last lap to earn his second win of the weekend.

July 9 - Cornbelt Clash - Elko Speedway
(1) Chad Simpson, (2) Jason Rauen, (3) Adam Hensel, (4) Kevin Sather, (5) Chris Simpson, (6) Marshall Fegers, (7) Alan Mondus, (8) Jason Utter, (9) Dennis Hillson, (10) Eric Pember, (11) Justin Kay, (12) Justin Mitchell, (13) Justin Fegers, (14) Jake Meier, (15) Lucas Peterson, (16) Brian Harris, (17) Kelly Anderson, (18) Dave Eckrich, (19) Todd Gehl, (20) Jim Bruggeman, (21) Scott Fitzpatrick, (22) Curtis Schroeder.
Heat winners (22 entries): Eckrich, Sather, Pember.

Mike Ruefer photo

July 10 - Cornbelt Clash - Elko Speedway
(1) Chad Simpson, (2) Jason Utter, (3) Marshall Fegers, (4) Dave Eckrich, (5) Kevin Sather, (6) Jason Rauen, (7) Alan Mondus, (8) Eric Pember, (9) Eric Hillson, (10) Jake Meier, (11) Adam Hensel, (12) Todd Gehl, (13) Travis Budisalovich, (14) Justin Mitchell, (15) Justin Fegers, (16) Justin Kay, (17) Scott Fitzpatrick, (18) Curtis Schroeder, (19) Chris Schroeder.

Heat winners (19 entries): Simpson, Mitchell.

Mike Ruefer photo

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