- July 8 - Macon Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Dennis Erb - Macon Summer Nationals winner

Mike Ruefer photo

MACON, Ill. - July 8. Storming from his 12th place start, Dennis Erb, Jr. of Carpentersville, Ill., raced to a thrilling win in the annual "Herald & Review 100" at Macon Speedway Wednesday.

Twenty-one starters raced all over the tight little Macon oval after fast

Schrader - Sullivan - Babb - Feger

Prior to the start of the feature at Macon, Ken Schrader (left) joins eventual top five finishers Jack Sullivan, Shannon Babb, and Jason Feger.(Mike Ruefer)











qualifier and first heat winner Brian Shirley beat outside polesitter Kyle Logue to the punch and led the way for the first 54 laps of the 30-year-old 100-lap 

"Herald & Review" winner Dennis Erb, Jr. at Macon Speedway.(Mike Ruefer)
classic. Third starting Brandon Sheppard gave Shirley some early pressure, but clipped an infield tire a third of the way into the race, badly wrinkling his #5 as he began to fall out of contention. Just past the midpoint, Shirley, driving a backup Tim Lance #48, finally gave up the lead to Babb, then a few laps later was forced pitside with mechanical trouble.

Brandon Sheppard was an early frontrunner until he clipped an infield tire and damaged his #5. Shannon Babb (#18) took over the lead from a flatering #48 of Brian Shirley. (Mike Ruefer)









Sixth starting Feger was able to make his bid for the top spot at that point, and finally reeled in Babb on lap 62 to grab the lead. By then, Erb had made his way into top five contention. Up front, though it was Feger and Babb in a barnburner until a lap 80 caution flew for a Brandon Sheppard spin.


Jason Feger (#25) was a major player in the Macon drama before slipping behind #18 Shannon Babb on a late restart.

(Mike Ruefer)










With the restart, Babb appeared to move up in the groove as Feger ran out of real estate. The two made some contact, and Babb had the lead. Erb quickly saw his chance and made his way into second, and another two-car feud was on - this time between Babb and Erb. Babb, who'd been running the high side of the track for most of the 100 laps, finally got too high and jumped the outside berm with just three laps to go. Erb was able to power under for one of the most exciting wins of the 2010 "Hell Tour".

With Feger beginning to lose some ground late in the race, Babb was able to gather it up to salvage second, with Feger hanging on to third over Jack Sullivan and 14th starting Ryan Unzicker.

Macon Speedway Herald & Review 100: 1) Dennis Erb, Jr., 2) Jason Feger, 3) Shannon Babb, 4) Jack Sullivan, 5) Ryan Unzicker, 6) Kyle Logue, 7) Rodney Standifer (prov.), 8) Steve Sheppard Jr., 9) Jeep Van Wormer, 10) Tim Lance, 11) Roger Brickler, (12) Mike Hammerle, 13) Donny Walden (prov.), 14) Brandon Sheppard, 15) Kevin Weaver, 16) Brian Shirley, 17) Jim Moon, 18) Brian Diveley, 19) Rodney Melvin, 20) Richie Hedrick, 21) Billy Moyer, Jr. (prov.)

Fast Time (34 entries): Bryan Shirley; Heat winners: Shirley, Logue, Brandon Sheppard, Babb, Lance; B-Feature winner: Standifer.

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