- July 6 - Merritt Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Dona Marcoullier, winner of last year's event at Merritt, raced from his 11th position start to second in ALMS action. (Matthew Dickinson)










ALMS:  "Who 55" - Schlenk Answers at Merritt

The second time ever at Merritt Speedway was a charm for Rusty Schlenk.  His time, the car never saw the track due to technical difficulties . (Matt Dickinson)
MERRITT, Mich. - July 6. Rusty Schlenk started from the outside pole position and raced to his third Sunoco American Late Model Series (ALMS) victory of the season Tuesday at Merritt Speedway.

The young Jackson, Miss. driver earned $5,500 for his tenth career ALMS win, while Dona Marcoullier advanced from his 11th starting spot in the 55-lap race to reach second. Tom Sprague, Jr. picked up third, while  Scott Baker put in a strong performance to race to fourth after starting 15th.

Rusty Schlenk - Tom Sprague, Jr. - American Late Model Series

Tom Sprague, Jr. races #91 Rusty Schlenk before ultimately giving up second to 11th starting Dona Marcoullier. (Jim Denhamer)









ALMS "Who 55" - Merritt Speedway
1) Rusty Schlenk, 2) Dona Marcoullier, 3) Tom Sprague Jr., 4) Scott Baker, 5) Andy Chester, 6) Kris Patterson, 7) Brian Ruhlman, 8) Kyle Borgman, 9) Curtis Roberts, 10) Sam Epling, 11) Rich Neiser, 12) Dave Hartman, 13) Kevin Nelson Jr., 14) Devin Shiels, 15) Adam Thrush, 16) Frank Seder, 17) Steve Zakrajsek, 18) Alan Vochaska, 19) Ryan Vanderbeen, 20) Don Marcoullier, 21) Mike Nichols, 22) Adam Erickson.

__  Heat winners (49 entries): __  Semi-feature winners
 Race of Champions Winner: Vochaska

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