- July 3 - Hesston Speedway UFO by Sam Holbrooks


UFO/Three State Flyers: Rine Reels in Competitive "Hyper-Thunder By the Lake"

Track report

HESSTON, Pa. - July 3. Jeff Rine from Danville, Pa. won the thrilling 51-lap "Hyper-Thunder by the Lake" on Sunday at the Hesston Speedway, earning $5,000 in the 51-lap main event that was co-sanctioned between the UFo Race Championship and the Three State Flyers Series.

After a heavy downpour delayed the start, the top 12 redraw found Devin Friese and Boom Briggs getting the front row positions. Friese took the lead at the start over Briggs, Jason Covert, Gary Beward, and Jeff Miller. Covert passed Briggs for second on lap two as Jim Yoder moved to fifth.

The first caution flag of the race waved on lap three for Doug Eck slowing on the front stretch. On the double file restart, Friese chose the low lane and continued in the lead over Briggs, Beward, Miller, and third starting Rine, who had fallen back at the start. Miller passed Beward for third on lap six.

The next caution appeared on lap nine for Bo Feathers, and Friese again chose the inside on this restart and led the field to turn one when the green waved. Sliding up the track, he slipped up too high and lost speed, falling to third. Briggs shot by in turn two and would be the new leader at lap 10 over Rine, Friese, Miller, and Covert. Covert took fourth from Miller on lap 11.

Rine and Friese locked into a side-by-side war for second at this point, swapping the position on laps 13 and 15, before Rine finally nosed ahead on lap 16. With green flag racing continuing, Covert made the pass for third on lap 21, and the top three raced close for the lead before the next caution came on lap 26 for Danny Mitchell slowing to a stop. J.T. Spence brought out another caution a lap later.

On the lap 27 restart, Briggs chose the inside groove and led the field back up to speed. Briggs crossed lanes and went to the top of the track, but Rine dove inside in turn two and was able to pass Briggs to take the lead on lap 28. Covert settled into third over Miller and Beward, but his engine began misfiring.

The next yellow came on lap 42 as Jared Miley slowed to a stop. Covert's mount finally failed him on this restart to bring out another yellow with 43 laps complete.

Rine kept choosing the outside groove for the restarts, and was able to nose ahead of Briggs. Dickson advanced to third on lap 44, with 19th starting Dylan Yoder taking fourth place. Dickson was strong on the inside, as he and Briggs raced side by side for second. Briggs was able to nose back ahead, but the yellow flag waved again with 49 laps scored for Kyle Merkel. After a three car tangle on the first attempted run to the finish, the two lap dash to the finish was set.

Rine again chose the outside, and fired to restart the race. Briggs quickly got up to speed on the inside, and the pair raced door to door before making slight contact exiting turn two, but Rine never faltered in nosing back ahead. Briggs bobbled just slightly, allowing Dickson to make a run at him. Rine would go on to take the checkered flag, with Briggs nosing 11th starting Dickson for second. 19th starting Yoder was fourth, as Friese made a late charge to net fifth place.

UFO/Three State Flyers at Hesston Speedway
1) Jeff Rine, 2) Boom Briggs, , 3) Nick Dickson, , 4) Dylan Yoder, , 5) Devin Friese, 6) Jeff Miller, 7) Waylon Wagner, 8) Gary Beward, 9) Steve Everhart, 10) Jared Miley, 11) Mike Lupfer, 12) Jim Yoder, 13) Jack Pencil, 14) Matt Dobnak, 15) Scott LeBarron, 16) Shawn Claar, 17) Kyle Merkel, 18) Jason Covert, 19) Alex Ferree, 20) J.T. Spence, 21) Danny Mitchell, 22) Ron Delano, Jr., 23) Derek Byler, 24) Bob Dunn, 25) Bo Feathers, 26) Doug Eck.
Heat winners (34 entries): Beward, Everhart, Covert, Briggs; B-Main winners: Pencil, Delano


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