- July 3 - Deer Creek Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Chad Mahder VL - Rick Blewett


Chad Mahder at Deer Creek Speedway.(Rick Blewett)


Dart Challenge Series: Mahder Reels in Dart Win at Deer Creek


by Bill Nelson

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. - July 3. A huge field of cars checked into the pit gate on this Independence Day Weekend with 141 cars, including 43 WISSOTA Late Models for the Dart Challenge Series Race. At the finish of a closely contested Late Model contest, it was Chad Mahder at the top.


Pat Doar jumped out the early lead over Jake Hartung with Lance Matthees and Mahder side by side for third.  After four laps, Mahder moved into the second spot.  Kyle Peterlin moved past Travis Budisalovich for fifth just as the only caution for  the event flew.    


Jake Redetzke - Nick Beyenhof - Deer Creek Speedway Dart Challenge Series

Nick Beyenhof and #27 Jake Redetzke race for position back at midfield at Deer Creek. (Rick Blewett)


Doar again charged out to the lead on the restart as the field fanned out three-wide.  Matthees took third away from Hartung with seven down as the front five started to spread out slightly.  With 15 laps down, Mahder moved alongside of Doar for the lead before driving around two laps later. 


Chad Mahder takes the checkered flag at Deer Creek Speedway. (Rick Blewett)

Matthees started to pressure Doar for second on lap 20 and took it on lap 23 as the front three started to encounter lapped traffic. Mahder struggled to get through the first pack of lapped cars as they ran side by side for positions.  Behind Mahder, Matthees and Doar, Kyle Peterlin and Travis Budisalovich raced side by side for fourth on lap 32.


With four laps left, Mahder started to pull away again as he cleared lap traffic.  Peterlin moved past Doar with three laps left in the race to take over third.  Mahder took home the checkers followed by Matthees and Peterlin.  Peterlin took home the $250 Keizer Wheels certificate, while Keith Foss took home the $100 hard Charger award from Lou Fegers racing after moving from 22nd to ninth.



July 3 - Dart Challenge Series - Deer Creek Speedway
1) Chad Mahder, 2) Lance Matthees, 3) Kyle Peterlin, 4) Pat Doar, 5) Travis Budisalvich, 6) Adam Hensel, 7) Kyle Jumbeck, 8) Jake Hartung, 9) Keith Foss, 10) Don Shaw, 11) Brent Larson, 12) Paul Parker, 13) Jake Redetzke, 14) John Kaanta, 15) John Bey, 16) Nick Beyenhof, 17) Kelly Anderson, 18) Eddie Kirchoff, 19) Ricky Weiss, 20) Rick Hanestad, 21) Joel Cryderman, 22) Nick Kramer, 23) Steve Laursen, 24) Doug Herrick, 25) Don Copp
Heat winners (43 entries): Doar, Matthees, Budisalovich, Peterlin; B-Main winners: Hanestad, Redetzke.

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