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Robbie Blair - Central Pa Speedway O'Reilly All Stars

Robbie Blair (Dan Fennell photo)

O'Reilly All Stars: Blair Keeps Winning Habit at Central Pa. "Yankee Doodle 50"

By Jason Shank

CLEARVIEW, Pa. - July 3. Another night at Central Pa. Speedway, another win for defending O’Reilly All Star Late Model Series Champion and current point leader Rob Blair of Titusville, Pa. in the $7,000 to-win ‘Yankee Doodle 50’. 

Blair has competed at the Clearfield oval four times in 2010 and has taken home four of the traditional, wood carved bear trophies provided by track owner Tim Bainey.  Blair worked his way masterfully through lapped traffic during a long 38 lap green flag run to get by Ripley, NY’s Mike Knight and check out for the win, his fourth of the season with the ASLMS.

Knight and Seaford, DE’s Ricky Elliott led the field to the green flag with Knight setting a torrid pace around the half-mile.  While Knight was catching lapped traffic, a mere eight laps into the event, the battle for the fourth position was intense as Greg Oakes, Jeremy Miller, and Jared Miley all battled lap after lap behind Knight, Elliott and Blair. 


Tight racing between Matt Lux (21), Jeremy Miller (1M) and Gregg Oaks (22) as 25 All Star Late Models battle 38 laps before the first caution of the "Yankee Doodle 50". ( Dan Fennell) 









 The leaders continued the fast pace through lapped traffic as Blair began closing in on the second place car of Elliott. Everyone in attendance could see that Blair’s Rocket Chassis was getting better as the long green flag run got longer and by lap 17, Blair made his way around the Delaware driver. Meanwhile, Miller and Miley were still racing hard for the fourth spot. Miley was on the rear deck-lid of Elliott for third on lap 25 but was unable to make a move as Miller found an opening to get by Miley to regain the fourth spot.

Knight was still holding a commanding lead but Blair was reeling in the leader as the laps wound down while Miley again made his way around Miller for the fourth spot again and set his sights on Elliott.  The trio made their way out of lapped traffic for a few laps and Miley again found himself on the back bumper of Elliott’s Barry Wright Chassis.  As Knight made his way through the field, it took him longer to get around some cars, opening the door for Blair to catch the leader.  Eventually Blair was able to catch the leader on lap 33 and put the pressure on.  Knight was working on Boom Briggs when Blair made his move for the lead.  Blair’s mount stuck perfectly on the outside of the beautifully manicured Central PA Speedway to capture the lead as they rounded turn four on lap 37.

Robbie Blair at speed - O'Reilly All Stars at Central Pa

Robbie Blair owns the oval at Central Pa., at least for the last four O'Reilly All Stars outings. (Dan Fennell)

Getting through lapped traffic was the name of the game on this night and Knight, up to this point, was doing a fine job working his way through.  Knight went into turn three hard trying to get back under Blair for the lead and Boom Briggs in turns three and four but made contact with the inside berm sending him into the 99B of Briggs and spinning as they exited turn four to bring out the first caution of the event and ending a stellar run for the New York youngster.

After the caution it was all Blair as he pulled away from Elliott, Miley, and Miller. Another quick caution on lap 46 only delayed the post-race celebration for Blair as he went on to win his fourth ASLMS race of the season and extend his point lead over Boom Briggs to 64 points. Miley finished second with Miller third while Elliott faded to fourth followed by Dave Hess Jr. in fifth.


O'Reilly All Stars - Central Pa. Speedway

1) Rob Blair, 2) Jared Miley, 3) Jeremy Miller, 4) Rick Elliott, 5) Dave Hess, Jr., 6) Matt Lux, 7) Gregg Satterlee, 8) Boom Briggs, 9) D.J. Myers, 10) John Garvin, 11) Greg Oakes, 12) Tim Smith, Jr., 13) Denny Fenton, 14) Alex Ferree, 15) Tim Fedder, 16) Darren Peters, 17) Chris Farrell, 18) Todd Snook, 19) Chris Clark, 20) Ryan Christoff, 21) John Oaks, 22) Greg Kent, 23) Mark Booth, 24) Mike Knight, 25) Shane McMeans

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