- July 31 - Green Valley Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Brandon Kinzer - Green Valley Speedway SRRS

Brandon Kinzer slides under a lapped Bobby Pruitt en route to his SRRS win at Green Valley. (Brian McLeod) 

SRRS: Kinzer Takes First Series win at Green Valley

Janet Sandrell

GADSDEN, Ala. - July 30. Brandon Kinzer held on for the ride and took the $3,000 prize in the 40 lap PPM Race Products sponsored Southern Regional Racing Series (SRRS) feature event Friday at Green Valley.

Kinzer qualified second fastest in his group to secure a second row inside starting position for the feature, but the young Allen, Ky. driver dropped back to fourth on the start as Jake Knowles took the lead over Josh Putnam and Ronnie Johnson.     

Brandon Kinzer - GVS VL 1

Brandon Kinzer at Green Valley Speedway. (Connie Putnam)

The first caution of the night came quickly on lap two for the #57 of Dennis Moncreif and again a few laps later Putnam's mount spun in turn four. Although Putnam would collect his car, those behind him checked up, causing a massive pile up of cars that eliminated defending series champion Jay Brinkley, Anthony Burroughs, and Tim Busha. Putnam was sent to the rear on the restart but would ultimately charge back to a seventh place finish. 


Brandon Kinzer after his first SRRS win at Green Valley Speedway. (Brian McLeod)
By Lap 14, Johnson would pass Knowles for the lead when a caution for the Tony Morris backed the race up to the last completed lap, putting Johnson's #5 back into second. Two laps later, Johnson rpeated the move and took the lead from Knowles. On the next circuit, Knowles spun on his own and was sent to the rear.

At that point, Johnson checked out and all but had the win sewn up when a broken axle would cause him to start quickly falling back in the field. Second running Kinzer took over the lead and hung on to take the win. 

Fast qualifier of the night was Jake Knowles (Tyrone, GA) with a 14.59. Group number one would lock in the two fastest qualifiers, Jake Knowles and Brandon Kinzer, to a starting position for the main event. Josh Putnam (Florence, AL) was fast qualifier in group two (and second fastest overall) followed by Anthony Burroughs (Russellville, AL). The rest of the 25 entrants ran heats to determine their starting positions for the feature. 

SRRS - Green Valley Speedway
1) Brandon Kinzer, 2) Robert Gant, 3) Montana Dudley, 4) Kelly Hanvey, 5) Ray McElhiney, 6) Jake Knowles, 7) Josh Putnam, 8) Brian Smith, 9) Ronnie Johnson, 10) Jacob Grizzle, 11) Bobby Pruitt, 12) Duane Treadwell, 13) Gathan Burns, 14) Craig Scott, 15) Dennis Moncrief, 16) Tony Morris, 17) Brian Reese, 18) Mike Collins, 19) Dallas Cooper, 20) Chad Smith, 21) Tony Knowles, 22) Anthony Burroughs, 23) Jay Brinkley, 24) Tim Busha
Fast Time (24 entries): Knowles (14.59 secs.); Heat winners: Johnson, Busha.

Connie Putnam photo

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