- July 2 - Deer Creek Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Dart Challenge Series: Mars Reels In Season's First WISSOTA Win

Bill Nelson

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. - July 2. Elk Mound, Wis. veteran Jimmy Mars prevailed as Deer Creek Speedway hosted the annual Tom Kadlec and Altenburg Construction Firecracker event featuring the Dart WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series.

Zach Johnson blasted out of turn two to take the lead to start the 40-lap feature.  Johnson began pulling away from the field as Doug Herrick and John Kaanta continued their close race for second.  Herrick finally took over second with ten down. Three laps later, Mars moved under Seth Brede to take over the fifth spot. 

Up front, Johnson was working into lap traffic, which was bunched up racing for positions.  Mars moved under Kyle Peterlin for the fourth spot on lap 15 and Kaanta for third on lap 18. Twenty laps completed saw Mars running right behind Herrick as they worked through the slower cars.  Mars took over second on lap 24 as he ran three-quarter of a straight behind Johnson.  Mars quickly reeled in Johnson and on lap 30, was about four car lengths behind him. 

Finally on lap 32, Mars moved under Johnson to take over the lead.  Mars cruised through the field on his way to the win, lapping up to the 15th position as the checkers flew over the speedway.  It was Mars first feature win here as he finished ahead of Johnson, Herrick, Kyle Peterlin and Kaanta.

July 2 - Dart WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series
1) Jimmy Mars, 2) Zach Johnson, 3) Doug Herrick, 4) Kyle Peterlin, 5) John Kaanta, 6) Seth Brede, 7) Jake Redetzke, 8) Joel Cryderman, 9) Adam Hensel, 10) Nick Beyenhof, 11) Eric Breeschotten, 12) Chad Mahder, 13) Brady Smith, 14) Justin Fegers, 15) Steve Laursen, 16) Mike Prochnow, 17) Jordan Yaggy, 18) Marshall Fegers, 19) Shawn Kirwin, 20) Kyle Jumbeck, 21) Brent Larson, 22) Mike Stadel. 23) Travis Budisalovich, 24) Lance Matthees, 25) Justin Sass Provinzino 

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