- July 2 - Bedford Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Three-State Flyers: Covert Gets Second Win After Duel With Rine

By: Dave Harclerode

BEDFORD, Pa. – July 3. The Three State Flyers visited the Bedford Speedway again Friday, and Jason Covert picked up his second career feature win at the historic oval with a pass of Jeff Rine a third of the way into the race.

Randy Burkholder led the 27 car field to the green for the 35 lap main event, and was able to hold the point position for eight laps until Jeff Rine motored by with 27 laps to go. Covert, who started third, kicked  into high gear mid race and caught Rine to put on a great show for several laps.

Covert’s bid for the lead was halted twice for cautions, and finally with 13 to go, Covert put his number 43a into the lead coming out of turn two. A caution with 11 to go grouped the field for a restart, and that’s when things turned sour. Randy Burkholder suddenly slowed on the frontstretch while running in the top five, and the field stacked up at full speed. Several top runners were eliminated or sent to the back of the pack.

When racing resumed, it was Covert at the point, ahead of J.T. Spence, Jeff Rine, and Jeremy Miller. The field kept this lineup until lap 30, when Spence went pitside, relinquishing the second spot to Rine. Miller took third over Nick Dickson and Brian Bernheisel.

July 3 - Three State Flyers - Bedford Speedway
1. Jason Covert 2. Jeff Rine 3. Jeremy Miller 4. Nick Dickson 5. Bryan Bernheisel 6. Frankie Plessinger 7. Andy Haus 8. Scott LeBarron 9. Larry Wright 10. Brian Booze 11. Scott Rhodes 12. Bob Gordon 13. Alan Sagi 14. Kirk Baker 15. JT Spence 16. Allen Lemin 17. Mike Altobelli, Jr. 18. Randy Burkholder 19. Greg Fetters 20. Matt Parks 21. Jeff Miller 22. Derek Byler 23. TJ Wright 24. Scott Haus 25. Chuck Clise 26. Chris Harr 27. Jack Pencil
Heat Winners (28 entries): Pencil, Rine, Dickson

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