- July 27 - Fayette Co. Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Corn Belt Clash: Aikey takes Fayette Co. Win

By Christine Rublack

July 26. The Fayette County Fair began on a hot and humid Tuesday night, as a large crowd filled the stands for some exciting racing at the Fayette County Speedway to kick-off the 2010 annual event.

Pole sitter Jason Utter took charge in the early laps, but it didn’t take long for Cedar Falls’ Jeff Aikey to work into the second position under Kurt Kile. Adam Hensel and defending CBC Champion Keith Foss began to challenge one another for the fourth position.

Aikey charged towards Utter using the high line and shot to the lead on lap 10. Aikey kept using the high groove as Utter hugged the bottom. Aikey began to distance himself from the field as he began to reel in lapped traffic. The lapped cars helped Utter stay in striking distance of the top spot multiple times, but once Aikey was free of the cars he began to expand his lead.

Jason Rauen began to move through the field running the high side as he moved forward and challenged Utter for second as the laps began to wind down. Aikey’s lead kept growing as the green flag flew. Rauen moved into the second position as Utter battled for position with the #44 of Adam Hensel and a hard charging Denny Eckrich. Aikey held on for the $2,000 win, with Rauen, Utter, Hensel and Denny Eckrich rounding out the top-five.

July 25 - Cornbelt Clash - Fayette Co.
1. Jeff Aikey; 2. Jason Rauen; 3. Jason Utter; 4. Adam Hensel; 5. Denny Eckrich; 6. Dean Wagner; 7. Keith Foss; 8.Kevin Kile; 9. Becky Roth; 10. Kevin Sather; 11. Scott Riechers; 12. Roger Torgerson; 13. Ron Klein; 14. Clint Wendel; 15. Chris Simpson; 16. Justin Kay; 17. Kurt Kile; 18. Randy Wheeler; 19. Curt Martin; 20. Chad Simpson; 21. Dave Eckrich.
Heat winners (21 entries) Hensel, Dave Eckrich, Foss

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