- July 24 - Tazewell Speedway by Sam Holbrooks

Davenport's slide job
Jonathan Davenport executes a final "slide job" on #44 Chris Madden with three laps to go in the Southern Nationals final at Tazewell (Tenn.) Speedway. (Thomas Hendrickson)

Jonathan Davenport - Tazewell Speedway Southern Nationals winner

Jonathan Davenport at Tazewell Speedway. (Thomas Hendrickson)

Southern Nationals: Davenport, Madden Light Up Tazewell Final 
Thanks to Brian McLeod 
TAZEWELL, Tenn. -  July 24. To say that Jonathan Davenport is on a roll on the "Southern Nationals" tour would be an understatement, but unlike last evening, when he outpaced Chris Madden by a fairly comfortable margin, tonight Madden gave up a long lead to Davenport, but then returned to make the young Blairsville, Georgia driver earn every inch of race track to keep it. 
On an ultra-fast track that usually emphasizes straight-ahead speed over maneuvers, Madden had led the first 42 circuits from the pole - at times by as much as 6-8 lengths, but as Madden turned up the heat over the final ten laps of the 53-lap affair, the pair threw conventional wisdom out the window and exchanged a number of well executed "slide jobs" that kept the fans buzzing well after the race.  
The final 39 laps were run without a caution flag, forcing Madden to negotiate lapped traffic. Davenport, who traded the runnerup spot with outside front-row starter Billy Ogle during the early stages, finally broke free and took second place with a clear-cut advantage. He then closed and looked under Madden several times, but to no avail. 
  Jonathan Davenport - Ray Cook at Tazewell Speedway Southern Nationals
After a fierce battle with Chris Madden that gave Tazewell Speedway fans one of their most competitive races ever, Jonathan Davenport is congratulated by "Southern Nationals" event promoter Ray Cook (right). (Thomas Hendrickson) 
When Madden got caught behind some slower traffic, Davenport seriously closed and was able to make the pass on lap 43. Madden fought back after looking low on a few occasions over the next five laps, finally retaking the point with a return slide job on the 49th trip around. Davenport pulled another one, sliding underneath Madden on the 50th circuit to nail the lead for good. 
Finally, a return volley from Madden fell short, ending the battle as Davenport pulled away to win over the final three circuits. He was 4-5 car lengths ahead of Madden at the stripe. Second starter Ogle and fourth starting Shane Clanton dueled for third in the late stages to finish in that order. 
Donald Bradsher - Brian Booze - Tazewell Speedway Southern Nationals
Series regulars Donald Bradsher and #2 Brian Booze race for position at Tazewell. (Thomas Hendrickson)
Southern Nationals - Tazewell Speedway
1) Jonathan Davenport, 2) ) Chris Madden, 3) Billy Ogle, Jr., 4) Shane Clanton, 5) Rick Rogers, 6) Vic Hill, 7) Tommy Kerr, 8) Brian Booze, 9) Clint Smith, 10) Jeff Wolfenbarger, 11) Brian Hendrix, 12) Chad Ogle, 13) Donald Bradsher, 14) John Henderson, 15) Mike Collins, 16) Mike Smith (prov.), 17) Ross Bailes, 18) John Pursley, Jr., 19) Tommy Bailey, 20) Terry Wolfenbarger, 21) Steve Smith, 22) Jeff Maupin, 23) Jeff Smith (prov.), 24) Tony Knowles
Fast Time (26 entries): Madden (11.118 secs.); B-Main winners: Kerr, Knowles

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