- July 23 - Virginia Motor Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Steve Shaver and Jamie Lathroum at Virginia Motor Speedway

After #6 took the lead on lap 20 from #6 Jamie Lathroum, Lathroum hounds the new leader before Shaver went on to win Saturday night's Ultimate Racing Series event at Virginia Motor Speedway.(Kevin Fisher)


Ultimate Racing Series: Shaver takes checkers in Summer Heat 50


Dave Seay


JAMAICA, Va. – July 23. On one of the hottest days of the year the action on track was even hotter as Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway hosted the first visit by the Ultimate Super Late Models to the half-mile speedplant for the "Summer Heat 50". Steve Shaver took over the top spot on lap 20 with an outside pass of Jamie Lathroum and led the remainder for the $10,000 win. 


Steve Shaver at Virginia Motor Speedway

Steve Shaver battled Jamie Lathroum early on and held off Jeremy Miller later to earn a big $10,000 payday as the Ultimate Racing Series debuted at Virginia Motor Speedway. (Kevin Fisher photo)


Jonathan Davenport and Jamie Lathoum at Virginia Motor Speedway Ultimate Racing Series

Jonathan Davenport (49) reached as high as second to challenge early leader Jamie Lathoum (6), but the Georgia ace jumped the cusion and lost momentum before settling for fifth. (Kevin Fisher) 


“I know what the staff here at VMS is doing to get such a great track in temperatures like we had today, but keep it up,” commented Shaver in victory lane.  “I really have to thank the Rumley’s they give me a great car to drive every time and I have to say I really love this facility,” added Shaver.


Ross Bailes beat Casey Roberts at the start and led the first lap before Lathroum dove inside Bailes out of turn four and led by inches at the line. On lap five, the race would encounter two caution flags, and with each restart, Lathroum chose the inside and kept the lead.


Alan Sagi and Brian Tavernner at Virginia Motor Speedway

Long time area competitor Alan Sagi races inside of Brian Tavernner on his way to eighth place in Ultimate Racing Series action.(Kevin Fisher) 


On lap six, Jonathan Davenportgot by Shaver for second and looked to be headed to the front, but jumped the cushion on lap 10 and lost a bit of momentum. Davenport gatherered it back up and reeled in Lathroum, and on lap 16, got to the outside to take the lead out of two. Lathroum battled right back in turn three, with the two making contact and Lathroum coming out with the lead. Shaver followed into second.


Casey Roberts and Jonathan Davenport at VMS

Casey Roberts slips under Jonathan Davenport for fourth place in the later laps at Virginia Motor Speedway.(Kevin Fisher)


Caution came out on lap 19 when Ricky Elliott came to a stop in turn three. On the restart, Lathroum chose to start on the inside with Shaver to his outside. As the two raced into turn one, Shaver powered around the outside of Lathroum and the two went door to door, with Shaver taking the lead by inches at the line. 


Lathroum stayed on the inside of Shaver as the two raced side by side for the next two laps before Shaver would finally secure the top spot. On lap 31, Jeremy Miller began looking inside Lathroum for second. On lap 34 Miller finally took second and worked to reel in the leader, but  Shaver kept a couple of car lengths between himself and Miller and went on to take the checkers over Miller, Lathroum, Casey Roberts, and Davenport.



July 23 - Ultimate Series at Va. Motor Speedway
1. Steve Shaver, 2. Jeremy Miller, 3. Jamie Lathroum, 4. Casey Roberts, 5. Jonathan Davenport, 6. Bo Feathers, 7. Ricky Weeks, 8. Alan Sagi, 9. Chip Brindle, 10. Steven Axtell Jr., 11. Daniel Baggerly, 12. Ross Bailes, 13. Matt Murphy, 14. David Taylor, 15. Brian Tavernner, 16. Ricky Elliott, 17. Tim Murphy, 18. Mike Gault, 19. Gary Stuhler, 20. Mark Byram, 21. Booper Bare
Fast Time (22 entries): Lathroum (17.657); Heat Winners: Bailes, Roberts, Shaver

Scott Miller photo


Wehrs Machine


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