- July 23 - Pennsylvania's Pa. Motor Speedway ULMS by Sam Holbrooks


UFO winner Brandon Burgoonat PPMS

Brandon Burgoon with girlfriend Brittany Palonis after his first UFO win at Pa. Motor Speedway. (Todd Battin)

UFO/ULMS: Six Lead Changes Later, Burgoon & Johnson Win "F-2 Shockwave" at PPMS

Series report

IMPERIAL, Pa. - July 23. Davey Johnson of Imperial became the all-time UFo Race Championship feature winner and Brandon Burgoon of McDonald, Pa. became a first-time UFo/ULMS winner at the F-2 Shockwave at Pittsburgh's Pa. Motor Speedway Saturday. Both drivers earned $2,000 for their victories in an event that featured six lead changes.

Jared Miley and Burgoon led the field at the start of the first 28-lap feature race. After the initial start was fouled by a five-car incident, Miley jumped out to the lead on the fast track when the race restarted with Burgoon in pursuit.

Brandon Burgoon at PPMS

With a pair of UFO/ULMS 25-lappers on tap Saturday at Pittsburgh's Pa. Motor Speedway, Brandon Burgoon shared top honors with veteran Davey Johnson for his first career series win. (Todd Battin)

After a second caution flew for Mike Knight's flat tire, Burgoon powered into the lead from the bottom and jumped up to the cushion with Miley and Keith Barbara chasing him before two additional cautions appeared for flat tires on lap 10 for Michael Norris and lap 15 for UFo point leader Devin Friese. Burgoon continued to lead at each restart and fought off the challenges for the remaining laps, with Miley coming home in second over Hess, Devin Friese, who charged back from the tail, and Davey Johnson.

Barbara experienced motor problems in turn four of the final lap and coasted across the line in eighth.

Devin Friese and Dave Garvin at PPMS

Devin Friese races past #4 John Garvin, Jr. on his way to fourth place in the first feature event at PPMS. (Todd Battin)

An inversion of 10 was drawn for the second feature. Miley opted to use his uncle's 99 as a backup car, relegating him to the rear ahead of alternate drivers. With Barbara scratching from the race, the actual inversion was eight cars. This put McCellan and UFo PENNational winner Davis on the front row. Like déjà vu of the "PENNational," Davis motored into the lead as positions changed behind him, with cars racing all over the track.

The first caution of the event appeared for Burgoon on lap five, and the second for a multi-car incident on lap six, but the remainder of the race would run under the green flag and would be an all-out war for the win. On the restart, Hess once again found magic on the bottom of the track and began to challenge Davis for the lead. Hess powered into the lead on lap seven, but Davis returned the favor and returned to the point on lap eight. Meanwhile, Davey Johnson was also working the bottom of the track and moved into third.

Colton Flinner at PPMS

Colton Flinner won the Crate Late Model event at PPMS. (Todd Battin)

As the race continued, the top three waged a battle for the win. Hess moved up to the cushion to stay within striking distance of Davis, with Johnson finding the right groove on the bottom of the track. Johnson took over second, and after exchanging the lead with Davis three times in the final five laps through traffic, Johnson finally took control with only two to go.

Johnson became the all-time UFo win leader with the victory with Davis following in second. Friese became faster in the late stages of the race and grabbed third, with Hess in fourth over Mike Johnson and 17th starting Jared Miley, driving the pink spec-motor #99.

July 23 - UFO/ULMS at PPMS
Feature #1
1) Brandon Burgoon
, 2) Jared Miley, 3) Dave Hess, Jr., 4) Devin Friese, 5) Davey Johnson, 6) Mike Johnson, 7) Boom Briggs, 8) Keith Barbara, 9) Michael Davis, 10) Chad McClellan, 11) John Garvin, Jr., 12) John Mollick, 13) Steve Baker, 14) Danny Mitchell, 15) Ben Miley, 16) Matt Lux, 17) Dennis Lunger, 18) Michael Norris, 19) Mike Knight, 20) Matt Dobnak, 21) Daryl Charlier, 22) Jon Hodgkiss, 23) Brandon Wearing, 24) Jim Stephans

Feature #2
1) Davey Johnson
, 2) Michael Davis, 3) Devin Friese, 4) Dave Hess, Jr.,5) Mike Johnson, 6) Jared Miley, 7) Boom Briggs, 8) John Garvin, Jr., 9) Daryl Charlier, 10) Steve Baker, 11) Dennis Lunger, 12) Matt Lux, 13) Michael Norris, 14) Danny Mitchell, 15) Kari Gasser, 16) Brandon Burgoon, 17) Chad McClellan, 18) Mike Basich, 19) Qunitin Wyandt, 20) Leo Stadleman, 21) Mike Knight, 22) John Mollick, 23) Dave Wade, 24) Jon Hodgkiss
Heat Winners - Hess, Miley, Briggs, Davey Johnson; Consolation Winner - Hodgkiss


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