- July 22 - Humboldt Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Chad Wheeler VL at Humboldt Speedway

Chad Wheeler and entourage after his Show-Me Series win Friday at Humboldt (Kan.) Speedway. (Andrew Towne)

Show-Me Racing Series: Wheeler Wheels to First LM Win on Show-Me Tour

Series report

HUMBOLDT, Kan. - July 23. In his first time in a race car in nearly two years, Chad Wheeler took the lead late in the Race Brothers A Main Friday at Humboldt Speedway and rolled to his first win in a Late Model race car.

The win looked to be sewn up for Brandon Hunter until his battery started cutting out with two laps to go.

 "Brandon definitely had the car to beat," said Wheeler. "He started coming to me, and I knew I would have to get off the bottom to pass him. We made a lot of adjustments to the car and had luck on our side."

Chad Wheeler and Leslie Essary at Humboldt Speedway

Chad Wheeler (73) stopped #5 Leslie Essary's recent hot streak at four in a row Friday in the Show-Me Racing Series' appearance at Humboldt (Kan.) Speedway. (Andrew Towne)

"I'm thankful for the McMurtrie's, giving me a chance to drive again. I always knew I'd get back into racing. I just wasn't sure when. Curt Hutchens and Rick James were both there to help me Friday night. They were a huge part of my success in the past, and I want to thank them too."

For Wheeler this was his second start in the McMurtrie Oil, Greene Operating MasterSbilt. "This is the first time I have ever driven for someone else. TheMcMurtrie's have been great. I've ran well at Humboldt in the past, and we're really just in the right spot at the right time."

LeslieEssary'swinning streak was halted at four, though he finished second. Justin Wells finished third ahead of Rex Merritt and Randy Zimmerman.

Leslie Essary and Justin Wells at Humboldt Speedway

After a four-race win streak on the Show-Me Racing Series, Leslie Essary saw this one get away as he danced with #98 Justin Wells for second at Humboldt Speedway.(Andrew Towne)

July 22 - Show-Me Racing Series - Humboldt Speedway
1) Chad Wheeler, 2) Leslie Essary, 3) Justin Wells, 4) Brandon Hunter, 5) Rex Merritt, 6) Randy Zimmerman, 7) Ken Essary, 8) Rick Lebow, 9) Larry Campbell, 10) Brian Parker, 11) Chris Deaton, 12) Eric Tinderholt, 13) Chris Morelock, 14) Willie Gammill, 15) Chris Reese, 16) Dylan Davlin, 17) Jake Davis, 18) Jim Greenway, 19) Brandon Cheek, 20) David Young, 21) Ray Peacock
Heat winners (29 entries): Zimmerman, Wells, Hunter, Merritt; B-Main winner: Campbell

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