- July 21-23 - I-80 Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Don O'Neal at I-80 Speedway MLRA


MLRA: O'Neal Takes Cornhusker's Biggest
Don O'Neal after a huge win in the 80-lap "Silver Dollar Nationals" main event at I-80 Speedway at Nebraska Raceway Park. (Mike Ruefer)
Paycheck at I-80

Lucas Oil MLRA p.r.


GREENWOOD, Neb. - July 23. Saturday night wrapped up the Inaugural "Silver Dollar Nationals" weekend at I-80 Speedway. Don O'Neal, driving the Moring Motorsports #1 MasterSbilt slid past Chris Simpson on a lap 32 restart to take the lead. O'Neal never looked back, leading the final 48 laps to score the $25,000 payday.


"I got a good run on that restart and got close to him," said O'Neal in AAA Missouri Victory Lane. "He was going in high. He had to slow down a little bit getting high, when I got a good run there across the middle, and give him a good slide job."




Chris Simpson, Austin Hubbard, Jimmy Mars, Billy Moyer

Behind leader Chris Simpson (32), it's a mad scramble between #21 Bill Moyer, #28 Jimmy Mars, and #19 Austin Hubbard. (Mike Ruefer)


Don O'Neal and Chad Simpson at I-80 Speedway

Don O'Neal gets a good run on the top side of early leader Chris Simpson to take the lead at I-80. Simpson faded back to sixth over the closing laps. (Mike Ruefer)


For O'Neal, a regular with the Lucas Oil late Model Dirt Series, this was a time for him to get out of the MasterSbilt house car and into the Illinois-based Moring Motorsports owned #1. "We haven't raced this car in a while, and to come over here a win this deal is a big thing. I've got to thank Larry Moring and Ronnie Stuckey and everybody involved with this racing deal."


Dale McDowell, Chad Simpson, Billy Moyer

Lookiing as strong as he has all season, Georgia veteran Dale McDowell drives #17m to the low side of #25 Chad Simpson and a fading Billy Moyer on his way to second place. (Lloyd Collins)


Brian Birkhofer and Travis Dickes

20th starting Brian Birkhofer rolls under #21 Travis Dickes on his way to an impressive third place showing at I-80 Speedway. (Lloyd Collins)


After Simpson launched into the lead, outside pole starter O'Neal was content to wait the leader out as he battled early with Austin Hubbard and Billy Moyer, who had advanced rapidly from his tenth place start.  Moyer would later slow on the track and pull off, while Hubbard stayed inside the top five throughout to finish fourth, finally giving up the third spot to 20th starting Brian Birkhofer.  


The Silver Dollar Nationals is O'Neal's sixth victory of the season. He made headlines earlier in the year by winning the Dirt Late Model Dream at Eldora Speedway, paying him $100,000.


Chad Simpson and Tim McCreadie at I-80 Speedway


Tim McCreadie and #25 Chad Simpson in action at I-80 Speedway before finishing seventh and eighth, respectively.(Mike Ruefer)


Dale McDowell, one of 10 heat race winners on Friday, finished second in the 80-lap race. Brian Birkhofer advanced from his 20th starting position to finish third.


Earlier in the evening, two 17-lap, last chance qualifiers were contested. Kelly Boen and Jason McBride each earned victories. Al Humphrey, Dan Schlieper, R.C. Whitwell, and Denny Eckrich all transferred as well.


Kelly Boen and Jason Utter

Racing only sporadically this season, Kelly Boen, driving a Pannell Motorsports #33, races #31 Jason Utter at I-80 Speedway. (Mike Ruefer) 


Don O'Neal and Ronnie Stuckey at I-80 Speedway

Don O'Neal confers with Louisiana setup specialist Ronnie Stuckey before his big triumph in the "Silver Dollar Nationals" at I-80 Speedway. (Lloyd Collins)


I-80 Speedway MLRA "Silver Dollar Nationals"
1) Don O'Neal, 2) Dale McDowell, 3) Brian Birkhofer, 4) Austin Hubbard, 5) Jimmy Mars, 6) Chris Simpson, 7) Tim McCreadie, 8) Chad Simpson, 9) Jesse Stovall, 10) Kelly Boen, 11) Clint Smith, 12) Al Purkey (prov.), 13) Billy Moyer, Jr., 14) Al Humphrey, 15) John Anderson, 16) Denny Eckrich, 17) Brad Looney, 18) Jason Utter, 19) Dan Schlieper, 20) Tommy Weder, Jr., 21) Jason McBride, 22) Mike Wiarda (prov.), 23) Bill Koons (prov.), 24) Billy Moyer, 25) David Turner (prov.), 26) Travis D1ckes, 27) Steve Kempt (prov.), 28) Kyle Berck, 29) R.C. Whitwell, 30) Joe Kosiski (prov.), 31) Terry Phillips, 32) Bryant Goldsmith (prov.), 33) Leon Zeitner (prov.), 34) Wendell Wallace.

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