- July 17 - Tennessee National Speedway by Sam Holbrooks

Daniel Miller VL at Tenn. National Speedway
North Alabama native Daniel Miller after Sunday's $3,000 win at Tennessee National Speedway. Miller, having recently announced a racing partnership with owner Kenny Hall of Gerland, Alabama, will drive Hall's #38 car for the rest of the season. (Connie Putnam)

Tennessee National "Danny Sandrell Memorial" to Daniel Miller

HOHENWALD, Tenn. July 17. North Alabama veteran Daniel Miller drove a Kenny Hall owned #38 car to a $3,000 win Sunday at Tennessee National Raceway as the track honored long-time local racer and racing supporter Danny Sandrell with a race that bore his name.

Kentucky veteran Terry English took an early lead, but was quickly overtaken by fast qualifier Anthony Burroughs after a few laps.   Mark Fields and Josh 

Anthony Burroughs and Daniel Miller at Tennessee Motor Speedway

After stealing Terry English's early lead, #121 Anthony Burroughs would have to settle for a second place finish behind #38 Daniel Miller. (Connie Putnam)

 Putnam dropped into third and fourth early on, but Miller came on strong, rushed through the front of the field, and took the lead from Burroughs near the halfway point.

With Miller grabbing the win, Burroughs would have to settle for second, while English held down third to finish ahead of Crey Posey and Fields.

(Special thanks to Connie Putnam).

Chad Winkles and Josh Putnam at Tennessee National Speedway

Chad Winkles and #212 Josh Putnam in action at TNSPutnam held a top five in the early going at Hohenwald before slipping to eighth. (Connie Putnam)

Mark Fields, Ray McElhiney, and Johnny Stokes

A damaged Johnny Stokes tries to hold his #1 in place while #26 Mark Fields and Ray McElhiney race the low side at Tennessee National Speedway. (Connie Putnam)

July 17 - Tennessee National Speedway - $3k
1) Daniel Miller, 2) Anthony Burroughs, 3) Terry English, 4) Corey Posey, 5) Mark Fields, 6) Ray McElhiney, 7) David Seibers, 8) Josh Putnam, 9) Johnny Stokes, 10) Scott Cook, 11) Tanner English, 12) Shane White, 13) Perry Delaney, 14) Tony Morris, 15) Chad Winkles, 16) Jerry Owens, 17) Brad Glass, 18) Clint Nichols, 19) Chris Ragan, 20) David Gentry, 21) Seth Daniels, 22) Marcus Minga, 23) Shawn Mitchell, 24) Ben Kittrell

Fast Rime: Burroughs (14.069); Heat winners: White, Cook, Daniels

Connie Putnam photo


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