- July 17 - Dog Hollow Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


UFO: Friese Two Straight in Dog Hollow Thriller

Series report

STRONGSTOWN, Pa. - July 9. Devin Friese of Chambersburg, Pa. won his second consecutive UFo Race Championship event at the “Connor Bobik 100” at Dog Hollow Speedway Sunday. Friese came out on top of amazing side-by-side battles with Jeremy Miller and Jason Covert to take the $4,000 first prize.

Covert and Friese paced the front row with Friese jumping off to the lead at the green flag and built a lead in the initial laps as Miller quickly advanced to second. The race for the lead soon began on lap eight as the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic. Miller and Covert closed on Friese, which began a race for the lead that would last the remainder of the 45-lap race.

After the first of many cautions disrupted the race on lap 10, Friese chose the outside lane and would run the high line of the track. Lap after lap, Friese and Miller ran side-by-side, with Friese slighty ahead at the line. Single car cautions appeared on laps 16, 19 and 23, and on lap 24 a mutli-car tangle brought out the yellow flag.

On each restart, Friese and Miller resumed their battle. with Miller leading lap 25 before Friese took back the lead on lap 26. Behind the exciting race for the lead, top five positions were constantly changing hands. Covert, eighth starting Jared Miley, 10th starting Boom Briggs, and 12th starting Jared Hawkins traded positions lap after lap.

After another run of cautions, the racing got up to speed on lap 32. Friese and Miller continued to race side-by-side, with Miller scored the leader on lap 35 and Friese on lap 36. Coming down the backstraight on that lap, Miller came to a abrupt stop with apparent rear-end problems.

When the racing resumed, Covert took over where Miller left off. The remaining nine laps saw Friese and Covert run side by side, almost even at the line with each lap. That continued until the last lap, when Covert slipped slightly in turn three, allowing Friese to arrive first at the flag. Covert crossed the line just behind him, with eighth starting Miley in third, 13th starting Ron Delano fourth, and 12th starting Jared Hawkins fifth.

UFO Race Championship - Dog Hollow Speedway
1) Devin Friese, 2) Jason Covert, 3) Jared Miley, 4) Ron Delano, Jr., 5) Jared Hawkins, 6) Boom Briggs, 7) Gregg Satterlee, 8) Sam Gindlesperger, 9) Paul Dominick, 10) Jim Struble, 11) Jeremy Miller, 12) Scott Rhodes, 13) Ken Schaltenbrand, 14) Sammy Stile, 15) Quntin Wyandt, 16) Dwayne Tanneyhill, 17) Dave Blazavich, 18) Danny Mitchell, 19) Rick Davis, 20) Dan Swartzlander, 21) Mike Blose, 22) Matt Dobnak, 23) Rodney Phillips, 24) Chad McClellan, 25) Keith Barbara (25 entries)


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