- IN - Oct. 16 - Kokomo Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Jeff Babcock - Steve Casebolt at Kokomo Raceway

Jeff Babcock threatens Steve Casebolt's lead as the two race through traffic in the "Kokomo Klash" at Kokomo Speedway last Saturday night.  (Jim Denhamer)

Brian Ruhlman - Greg Johnson - Kokomo Klash

Greg Johnson races inside of fellow "49er" Brian Ruhlman before giving way to the Ohio racer as the two finished fourth and fifth at Kokomo. (Jim Denhamer) 

Mike Spatola - Greg Johnson - Kokomo Klash

Making an impressive Late Model debut, Mike Spatola races the Rayburn house car outside of Greg Johnson before finishing eighth in his first special. (Jim Denhamer)

Duane Chamberlain - Kevin Weaver at Kokomo Speedway

Driving a Pat Sheltra #23 Duane Chamberlain moves under #12 Kevin Weaver on his way to third behind Casebolt and Babcock. (Jim Denhamer) 

Bobby Pierce - Kevin Weaver - Kokomo Speedway

Bobby Pierce and #12 Kevin Weaver fight for sixth spot at Kokomo. (Jim Denhamer) 

Oct. 16 - Kokomo Klash - Kokomo (Ind.) Speedway
1) Steve Casebolt, 2) Jeff Babcock, 3) Duane Chamberlin, 4) Brian Ruhlman, 5) Greg Johnson, 6) Kevin Weaver, 7) Bobby Pierce, 8) Mike Spatola, 9) Jim Moon, 10) J.R. Hotovy, 11) Tim Rivers, 12) Chris Streeval, 13) John Beck, 14) Eric Varner, 15) D1ck Potts, 16) Steve Thorsten, 17) Brandon Thirlby, 18) Chad Stapleton, 19) Kyle Madison, 20) Dona Marcoullier. (41 entries)

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