- IL - Oct. 9 - Quad City Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Brian Harris - Quad City Speedway Late Models

Brian Harris races up front on his way to a $5,000 win at Quad City Speedway. (Darrel Unzel)

Brian Harris - Quad City Speedway Late Model winner

Brian Harris won a $5,000 special on Saturday at E. Moline, Illinois' Quad City Speedway. The was a non-points race run under IMCA rules. (Darel Unzel)

Mark Burgtorf, Terry Neal, Mike Murphy - Quad City Speedway

Terry Neal moves outside of Mark Burgtorf (7) and Mike Murphy, Jr. (14) in three wide formation on his way to second place. Burgtorf finished 17th, and Murphy took 19th. (Darrel Unzel)

Ray Guss - Roberts Racing Team at Quad City Speedway

The Roberts Racing team joined to help their driver, Ray Guss, Jr. ((sixth from left) celebrate his new 2010 IMCA Late Model Series title, along with three track titles for the division. (Darrel Unzel)

Brian Harris hd - Quad City Speedway Oct. 9 - Quad City Speedway - $5,000 to win
1. Brian Harris; 2. Terry Neal; 3. Ray Guss Jr.; 4. Jeff Aikey; 5. Eric Gustaf; 6. Nate Beuseling; 7. Darrell DeFrance; 8. Todd Malmstrom; 9.Andy Nezworski; 10. Shawn Mulvany; 11. Doug Nigh; 12. Jon Passick; 13. Gary Webb; 14. Jeremy Gustaf; 15. Billy Tuckwell; 16. Herschel Roberts; 17. Mark Burgtorf; 18. Rob Toland; 19. Mike Murphy, Jr.; 20. Mike Zemo, Jr.; 21. Adam Oppendike; 22. Jason Bahrs; 23. Boone McLaughlin; 24. Daniel Harmening

Race of Champions: 1. Rob Toland; 2. Terry Neal; 3. Ray Guss Jr.; 4. Mark Burgdorf; 5. Nate Beuseling; 6. Jeff Aikey; 7. Jason Bahrs; 8. Darrell DeFrance; 9. Todd Malmstrom; 10. Gary Webb; 11. Billy Tuckwell; 12. Boone McLaughlin; 13. Daniel Harming; 14. Shawn Mulvaney; 15. Herschel Roberts; 16. Fred Remely; 17. Adam Oppendike; 18. Eric Gustaf; 19. Mike Zemo; 20. Jeremy Gustaf; 21. Mike Murphy, Jr.

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