- IL - July 22 - Quad City Speedway by Sam Holbrooks

Ray Guss Jr - Quad City Speedway  
PHOTO: After a late race clash between leaders Nate Beuseling, Terry Neal, and a lapped car, Ray Guss, Jr. sails toward the win in a special County Fair race for IMCA Late Models at Quad City Speedway. (Mike Ruefer)


Ray Guss, Jr. at Quad City Speedway.(Mike Ruefer)
Guss Takes Rock Island Fair Special at Quad City

Ed Potter

EAST MOLINE - July 22. Ray Guss, Jr. grabbed the lead after a late restart and raced to the win over a strong field of IMCA Late Models as Quad City Speedway hosted the Rock Island County Fair races on Thursday.

Nate Beuseling moved out in front at the start, but soon had a strong challenge coming from Terry Neal, who would battle Beuseling side by side in a lead-swapping duel for the first 23 laps. Meanwhile, ninth starting Guss was slicing through the

Brian Meiners - Eric Gustaf - Quad City Speedway

Brian Meiners and #90 Eric Gustaf mix it up for second behind leader Ray Guss, Jr. at Quad City. (Mike Ruefer)

field, and found himself in the right place at the right time when leaders Neal and Beuseling both clashed with a lapped car and were taken out of the hunt.

Guss took over on the restart and kept Eric Gustaf at arm's length to claim the win. Brian Meiners claimed third over Shawn Mulvany and Matt Ryan.

July 23 - Quad City Speedway
1. Ray Guss, Jr.; 2. Eric Gustaf; 3. Brian Meiners; 4. Shawn Mulvany; 5. Matt Ryan; 6. Rob Toland; 7. Doug Nigh; 8. Mike Garland; 9. Todd Malmstrom; 10. Joe Zrostlik; 11. Mike Zemo, Jr.; 12. Bryan Klein; 13. Jeremy Gustaf; 14. Buck Harmening; 15. Eric Sanders; 16. Steve Gustaf, Jr.; 17. D. J. Burke; 18. Nate Beuseling; 19. Adam Oppendike; 20. Marty Diercks; 21. Terry Neal; 22. Mike Murphy, Jr.; 23. Justin Kay
Heat winners: Neal, Murphy, Garland
John Vass photo

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