- IA - Sept. 24 - West Liberty Raceway by Sam Holbrooks


West Lib "Races of Champions" to Eckrich, Miller; Rain Postpones Saturday Final

Larry Bontz

WEST LIBERTY, Ia. - Sept. 24. The 2010 "Liberty 100" got off to a rousing start here at the West Liberty Raceway Friday as the "Race of Champions was held in both the open late model and IMCA late model divisions. Andy Eckrich and Darren Miller came home with wins in their respective divisions.
Saturday's program rained out to be resumed on Saturday, October 16th.
In the Open Late Model division Andy Eckrich started on the pole and never looked back winning the 20-lap Race of Champions event, leading the race from flag to flag. Brother Denny Eckrich finished second, ahead of Jeremiah Hurst, Darren Miller, and Brian Birkhofer.  Nick Marolf was sixth over Chad Simpson, Ray Guss, Jr., Brian Harris, Jeff Guengerich, and Steve Boley.
In the IMCA Late Model Race of Champions, Tyler Breuning led the first 18 laps until Darren Miller dove underneath him in turn three with two laps remaining and went to post the victory,  coming from the 11th slot. Rob Toland finished second over Tyler Breuning, Andy Eckrich, Mike Garland, Ray Guss, Jr., Terry Neal, Jeff Aikey, Darrell DeFrance, Jim Brokus, with Matt Ryan 11th.
Open Late Model Race Of Champions (20 laps) 1. Andy Eckrich, 2. Denny Eckrich, 3. Jeremiah Hurst, 4. Darren Miller, 5. Brian Birkhofer, 6. Nick Marolf, 7. Chad Simpson, 8. Ray Guss, Jr., 9. Jeff Guengerich, 10. Steve Boley
Heat Winners: Denny Eckrich, Simpson, Andy Eckrich, Miller; B-Main Winners: Boley, Harris

IMCA Late Model Race Of Champions (20 laps) 1. Darren Miller, 2. Rob Toland, 3. Tyler Breuning, 4. Andy Eckrich, 5. Mike Garland, 6. Ray Guss, Jr. 7. Terry Neal, 8. Jeff Aikey, 9. Darrell DeFrance, 10. Jim Brokus, 11. Matt Ryan
Heat Winners: Eckrich, Aikey, Guss, Miller; B-Main Winners: Johnson, Toland

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