- Hollingsworth Cries Foul On Columbus Disqualification by Sam Holbrooks


Hollingsworth Cries Foul on Disqualification Over Tire Treating Charge

NORTHPORT, Ala. - Ronny Lee Hollingsworth entered the 21st annual "Magnolia State 100" at Columbus (Miss.) Speedway over the course of last weekend in the #74 Flynn Motorsports/Mastersbilt Super Late Model.

With 71 Super Late Models entered, and after qualifying at the top of his group, Hollingsworth, (along with Georgia driver Jonathan Davenport) was disqualified by track officials from time trials and the balance of the weekend due to the accusation that his team had used chemically altered tires.

In regards to the situation, Hollingsworth commented “After qualifying one of our tires was confiscated. We were then notified that we were being disqualified due to a chemically altered tire. We were not able to watch the tire being tested with the sniffer, and when we requested that the tire be tested again, the officials denied the request. We then asked that the tire be sent off to be tested by an independent lab instead of making a knee-jerk reaction to throw us out, and this was declined as well, and our team was told that we were disqualified for the balance of the weekend."

"For this event, Flynn Motorsports did not have the necessary tires, so the team purchased 14 new tires, which were delivered on Wednesday for the event. I can say 110% that our tires were not chemically altered in any way, and team owner, Tony Flynn, indicated that to the best of his knowledge that the wheels that the tires were mounted upon had never been previously used by any of his former drivers to mount any altered tires. Due to the variations in results and testing with the sniffer that was used, I feel that we were unfairly and incorrectly disqualified. Flynn Motorsports and myself spent a lot of time during the week getting ready for this event only to be unjustly disqualified. Motorsports is a business and a source of income for me, and this entire situation was handled unacceptably".

Hollingsworth added, "I would like to thank Tony Flynn and everyone at Flynn Motorsports for the opportunity to drive their car, and I also want to thank all of my sponsors for their continued support. Even though we were unjustly disqualified this past weekend, our team will come emerge stronger than ever before in this season’s remaining events.”

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Updated 11/17/10

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