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Oct. 2: The 2010 racing season at the Highland Speedway came to a close this past Saturday night with Mark Faust, a former UMP and Highland Champion winning his 7th feature of the year in the UMP Super Late Models. Faust led from the start of the 25 lap main event starting on the out side front row. Mike Schulte in the 27s held the pole position. The field was put into single file restart after a caution on lap 3. The 51 of Faust was the leader, followed by Schulte, the 1S of Rick “Salty Dog” Salter and the 28 of John Beck. 

The biggest mover was the 78 of “The Highland Bulldog” Chad Zobrist, who was making his move through the field.

Faust was in control for the next 11 laps moving from high to low as Salter would stick the nose of the 1s up along side of the race leader. The caution flag waved again on lap 14 for the slowing racer of Justin Ketrow, this came as the leaders were running into lap traffic. On the restart Faust was still in the lead with “The Salty Dog” Salter, hot on his trail, followed by the 28 of Beck. By this time “The Highland Bulldog” Chad Zobrist was sitting in the fourth spot and the poll sitter Schulte in fifth.

At lap 16 the caution again waved this time for the 8G of Bob Geaschel. On the start of the 17th lap Zobrist moved around Beck and pulled along side of Salter. At lap 23 it was a three wide Dog fight towards the checkers as Faust used every trick in the book to hold off the pair of Racing Dogs hot on his heels, as the trio came out of turn four it was a three wide dash to the end. The #51 of Faust carried enough momentum to finish first, the “Salty Dog” Rick Salter and “The Highland Bulldog” Chad Zobrist, who started from the 9th starting position, finished a very close second and third respectively. Beck was fourth and the 21 of Kerry Gaultney was fifth.

Chad Zobrist - Highland Speedway champion

Chad Zobrist earned the 2010 track championship at Highland Speedway. (Drew England)

Sept. 4: The 2010 Point season came to a close Saturday at the Highland Speedway. Champions were crowned in all five divisions.

All five champions were locked in before the night’s races began, but that didn’t stop the action on the track from being fast and furious.

The UMP Super Late Models were paced to the green flag by former Highland Champion Mark Faust. His #51, sponsored by his family business, Faust Automotive in Aviston Ill.,took to the lead immediately. At lap 10 Faust held point over Michael Kloos,  Frankie Martin, Chad Zobrist, and Justin Ketrow.

The caution flag waved at lap 12 for debris and the restart remained the same, except the lapped car of Long time Highland driver Bob Geaschel, was placed between Faust and Kloos. Kloos cleared Geaschel immediately and tried every line on the track to catch the 51. By lap 20, Faust had nearly a straight away lead. He crossed the double checkers first for his fifth win in 2010. Kloos was second, Martin third, the 2010 Highland Late Models Points Champion Chad Zobrist was fourth. Shannon Kuhn rounded out the top five.

Aug. 28: "Fast” Frankie Martin from DuQuoin, Ill.lived up to his nickname as he started from the pole and led all 25 laps of the UMP Super Late Model event. Rick Salter started second row outside and maneuvered around the cars of Brian Wolfmeier and Paul Bailey to claim the runner up spot. Wolfmeier and Bailey finished third and fourth respectively, and Highland’s points leader, Chad Zobrist, finished fifth coming from an eighth place starting position.

Aug. 28 Top 5: Frankie Martin, 2) Rick Salter, 3) Brian Wolfmeier, 4) Paul Bailey, 5) Chad Zobrist.

Aug. 21: See Northern All Stars Late Model Series (NALMS) coverage.

Aug. 14: Rained out

Aug. 7: Michael Kloos started on the pole with Mark Faust alongside, but the talk in the grandstand was the performance of young Tyler Reddick, who took a second row position in the feature after winning one of three heat races.

At the start, Kloos lived up to his nickname as the “Trenton Tornado” vaulted into the lead, with Faust, Frankie Martin, Reddick, and Chad Zobrist all fighting for position behind the #6K.

The first caution waved at lap seven, and each time the leaders caught up with the back of the field, the caution would appear and the field would line up for a single file restart, helping Kloos to keep his lead.

On the restart on lap 19 after a caution for debris, Faust encountered something on the track that caused his #51 to get loose and tangle with the #78 of Zobrist, who two-wheeled it for a brief moment. The result of the incident retired both of the Highland regulars for the night.

Just one lap into the restart, Reddick pulled off the track, and the first five cars were Kloos, Martin, Bobby Dauderman, Dan Jacober and Brent Helmkamp, but no one had anything for Kloos as he took another feature win. A last lap pass by Dauderman pushed him to second, with Martin third over Jacober and Aaron Kleine. ~ Pedal to the Metal Media

Aug. 7 Finish: 1) Michael Kloos, 2) Bobby Dauderman, 3) Frankie Martin, 4) Dan Jacober, 5) Aaron Kleine.


Aug. 3: Rodney Melvin raced to Tuesday night's special "Race For a Cause" event, a race inspired by the members of the Highland racing families whose lives have touched by the dreaded disease of breast cancer. The proceeds from the night’s activities benefited the St. Louis Chapter of the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Michael Kloos had the pole, with Kevin Weaver outside, with Frankie Martin and Melvin occupying row two. Kloos quickly jumped to a three length lead until a caution came out on lap four for a mishap in turn two involving Weaver and Mark Faust. The result of the incident sent Weaver off on the “hook” and Faust to the rear of the field.

The line up for the restart was Kloos, Melvin, Ryan Unzicker, and Ken Schrader. Jason Feger had moved from his 14th start position up to eighth. The caution returned on lap 13 for a spin involving Jason McBride and 2009 UMP Pro Late Model Champion Bobby Dauderman. 

By the time lap 17 rolled by, Feger had moved into the top five. While most of the field stayed to the middle and bottom of the speedway Feger was driving his patented high side, at times scraping the “pink” off the walls. Lap 20 found Feger in fourth, and on lap 22, in third and setting his sites on avenging his loss to Kloos by a fender just the previous Tuesday during the Madison County Fair race.

As each lap passed, Feger kept making a charge at the leaders, and and after leading 38 laps, Kloos had things starting to happen behind him. Feger put his nose up alongside the #27 of Melvin, and that was Melvin’s clue to go. It was "now or never", and with the two to go flag, Melvin jumped out to the high side right in front of Feger, breaking his momentum, and passed the #6k of Kloos. Feger couldn't settle for a second place finish and as he and Kloos were side by side crossing the stripe, it was Kloos who came up short to finish third ahead of Unzicker and Chad Zobrist.

The special hard charger award went to Feger for his move to second from his 14th starting position. ~ Pedal to the Metal Media

Aug. 3 UMP Late Model Feature - Racin' For a Cause 

1) Rodney Melvin, 2) Jason Feger, 3) Michael Kloos, 4) Ryan Unzicker, 5) Chad Zobrist, 6) Ken Schrader, 7) Frankie Martin, 8) Matt Weidner, 9) Tom Carson, 10) Clay Baumann, 11) John Beck, 12) Paul Bailey, 13) Mark Faust, 14) Jason McBride, 15) Bobby Dauderman, 16) Chuck Mitchell, 17) Brian Wolfmeier, 18) Kevin Weaver, 19) Brent Helmkamp, 20) Brant Kehrer (blackflagged)


July 31: No Racing

Michael Kloos - Jason Feger - Drew England

Michael Kloos and #25 Jason Feger finished one-two over a 20-car field at Highland Speedway on July 27th. (Drew England)

July 27: It was the Madison County Fair UMP Race of Champions at Highland Speedway on Tuesday, and Michael Kloos earned one of the biggest and most impressive wins in his career.  

The early laps of the 40-lap feature were dominated by Brian Shirley, with Jason Feger, Kloos, Rodney Melvin, and Chad Zobrist all in tow behind the leader as he caught up with the back of the field and lap traffic started to come into play on lap 13.

The first caution came out at lap 16, letting the field catch up to Shirley, but with a lapped car between Shirley and now second running Feger.

At lap 24, Kloos made his way around Feger looking to head to the front when a caution on lap 25 for Mike Schulte slowed the field. After running in the top five up till this point, Melvin pulled off the track, moving Mark Faust into the top five.

On lap 33, the next caution was for the leader Shirley after something let go on the Steve Lance owned #48, retiring the race-long leaderto the infield. At this point, the race was anyone's to win, with Kloos taking to the bottom and the “High Side Hustler” Feger living up to his nickname as he let it hang out on the high side of the track. As the two battled side by side on the white flag lap, Feger made a last ditch effort at Kloos coming to the double checkers, but Kloos hung on to win by a nose. Zobrist, Faust, and Dan Jacober made up the top five. ~ Pedal to the Metal Media

July 27 Finish: 1) Michael Kloos, 2) Jason Feger, 3) Chad Zobrist, 4) Mark Faust, 5) Dan Jacober.


July 25: 1) Chad Zobrist, 2) Michael Kloos, 3) Mike Schulte, 4) Frankie Martin, 5) Mike Hammerle 

Chad Zobrist - Highland SW June 19

Chad Zobrist bites doown hard at Highland Speedway. Zobrist claimed the July 25th Late Model win. (Drew England)


July 17: 1) Mark Faust, 2) Frankie Martin, 3) Chad Zobrist, 4) Michael Kloos, 5) Justin Ketrow

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