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If you are now reading this that means you have stumbled upon our Late Model News web site and have stayed on the pages long enough to click on this link. I thank you, Sam thanks you, and my mother thanks you. It's especially important to my Mom because if this thing doesn't work out, the General kicks me out and I have to move back home with my Mom. As you can see I have incentive to make this work.

 Now you're probably thinking, "Who are these guys?" and "What is going to do for me?" Wow, those are great questions, I had no idea I was so good at reading minds. OK, who are we? I guess we're just a couple of old guys who still think they can deliver a great product in Late Model news. Simple task in concept but we will have to deliver. You the fans will decide with your left mouse clicks and data craving minds.

 With Sam Holbrooks, 20 plus years of print media experience with Behind the Wheel/Late Model America and my dedication to the sport as a writer and photographer, we think we have a good foundation to enter Al Gore's now famous Information Super Highway. The goal of is to be a concise and accurate news site. A web link you save in your favorites and where daily and weekly you would want to visit.

 After all that you now are thinking, "Why do we need another web site?" and "When are you going to update the site?" Wow, more great questions.  The first question is kinda' simple and I say; Why Not. Back in the newspaper days there were many great publications that covered regional and national news. I used to get six weekly publications and now I get one. The rest of my drive to quench my thirst for information is done on the information internet highway. We think you'll like our old school approach and look forward to visiting the site.

 Now for the BIG question! When is the site getting updated? I can't thank you enough for thinking this. This is my biggest pet peeve with web sites. In today's world we all want instant gratification. We want it now! Now this is where I cool my jets a bit. Instant and NOW all come with a price. The toll is financial and human cost. For those of you who have to have it NOW. There are good sources for all that NOW, already. We're going to strive to keep the web site fresh on a daily basis, maybe even more often as race results and photos come in. If you were a fan of the old BTW, you will remember Sam doing some fun and cool stuff that made the paper unique. We plan on the same format that will make different and fun to read.

 Last but not least I can hear you saying, "How is this all going to happen?"  Wow I'm shocked and don't know what to say. Not really! I can say anything right? This is my personal forum. Not really! There are no forums here. No standing behind a screen name. I can only stand behind my real name. The bottom line is Sam and I want to have nothing more than a professional web site that you won't mind your boss catching a view of while you surf at work. To answer the question professionally with integrity, I don't quite know how this is all going to happen yet.

 Our Journey with started last summer during a conversation that Sam and I had while I drove home after a UMP Summer National race. During the days and months that have followed we have gotten to this point. Our hardest work is yet to come while we try to gain fan and industry acceptance. Only time will tell.

 We plan to do our best to have a great web site with current, easy to read information. We hope to bring back the best photographers who helped make BTW the industry leader in its day and Show Case their work again. We hope to have more writers that can bring their talents and tell their stories about the great world of Dirt Late Model racing. We even hope to have some video in the future.

 The bottom line is we hope to be a news leader in the media and promote the sport we all have a passion for. Please check back often as things will change fast. If you have any questions please send me or Sam an e-mail. We're looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Thanks for visiting. My Mom is not really looking forward to me moving home, so we have to make this work.

 Mike Ruefer


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