- Feb. 27 - Green Valley Speedway Bama Bash by Sam Holbrooks


Ronnie Johnson VL1 - Bama Bash

Ronnie Johnson put Sunday's "Bama Bash" in the bag at Green Valley Speedway after starting on row eight and taking the lead past the haflway point in the 75-lapper. (Connie Putnam) 

Ronnie Johnson Green Valley Speedway Bama Bash

Ronnie Johnson races through the field en route to his stunning win in the annual "Bama Bash" at Green Valley Speedway. (Connie Putnam)

Johnson VL1 - Green Valley Speedway

Ronnie Johnson and crew after his "Bama Bash" win at Green Valley Speedway. (Connie Putnam)

GVS Wreck - Bama Bash

A lap 17 wreck in the Bama Bash took leader Jessie Stovall out of the hunt in his GVS debut, and proved a setback for #53 Ray Cook, who was running third at the time. (Connie Putnam)

William Thomas - Chris Wall - GVS Bama Bash

Chris Wall challenges #22 William Thomas for second at GVS. (Connie Putnam)

Anthony Burroughs - Josh Putnam - Connie Putnam

Northwest Alabama drivers Anthony Burroughs and #212 Josh Putnam race for position at GVS.  Putnam was caught up in a wreck and Burroughs continued to a mid-pack finish. (Connie Putnam)

Feb. 26 - Green Valley Speedway "Bama Bash"    1) Ronnie Johnson, 2) Chris Wall, 3) William Thomas, 4) Todd Morrow, 5) Stacey Holmes, 6) Dillon Crim, 7) Tim Busha, 8) Robert Gant, 9) Ray Cook, 10) Brian Reese, 11) Derek Ellis, 12) Chuck Proctor, 13) Anthony Burroughs, 14) Clint Smith, 15) Jacob Grizzle, 16) Eric Hickerson, 17) Terry Smith, 18) Riley Hickman, 19) Jessie Stovall, 20) Tony Knowles, 21) Josh Putnam, 22) Chad Smith, 23) Joe Armistead, Jr., 24) Tony Morris.

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