- Feb.3 - Winternationals - East Bay Raceway Park Part 2 by Sam Holbrooks

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back to the topside, squeezing by Moyer to take second place away. Moyer fought back two circuits later to regain the runner-up spot, then picked up the pace and began to challenge Richards. Moyer gained ground with each lap, and with six laps to go, the two were dead even for the lead.


Tim McCreadie, #5 Eric Jacobsen, and #17 Tim Dohm look for the fastest way around East Bay Raceway Park on night #3 of the Lucas Oil Series-run "Winternationals". (Rick Schwallie)

 After Moyer got by Richards with five to go, Richards moved by on the outside and regained it on lap 27. The duo went at it tooth-and-nail util Moyer went underneath Richards and barely got a nose on him as the duo took the white flag lap. Moyer held the lead heading into turn three. Richards made a wide sweep to the outside and gave it everything he had to earn the win, but Moyer had the momentum as the two headed to the finish line, winning by a length.

Moyer had a wide smile as he exited his race car in Victory Lane for the 20 time at East Bay, one of the last at the "clay by the bay" of his storied career."Retirement is a lot closer than people think, "said the 52-year-old dirt veteran. "That was a heck of a good race out there with Josh, he raced me clean and I gave him room as well, the track was excellent tonight. I've got to thank Leon Henderson for getting me down here, we weren't going to come as of the first of the year, but he called and we got this deal together and I am glad to get this win for him," said Moyer who recorded his 13th career win on the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series tour.

(1) Billy Moyer, (2) Josh Richards, (3) Shannon Babb, (4) Don O'Neal, (5) Jimmy Owens, (6) Tim Dohm, (7) Matt Miller, (8) Dennis Erb, Jr., (9) Earl Pearson, Jr., (10) Tim McCreadie, (11) Eric Jacobsen, (12) Steve Francis, (13) Bub McCool, (14) Brady Smith, (15) Tim Isenberg, (16) Austin Hubbard, (17) John Blankenship, (18) Jason Feger, (19) Steve Casebolt, (20) Jason McBride, (21) Dillon White, (22) Tyler Reddick, (23) Brandon Thirlby, (24) Justin Rattliff, (25) Eric Wells (prov.), 26. Chris Wall

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