- Dog Hollow Speedway - Strongstown by Sam Holbrooks


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Dog Hollow Speedway - Strongstown, Pennsylvania

June 13: Dane Laraway of Harrison City, Pa. grabbed his first career Super Late Model feature win Friday at Dog Hollow Speedway.

From the front row, Laraway initially gave way to early leader Dwayne Taneyhill and then Sammy Stile, but after a series of early yellow flags, Laraway used a restart to steal second back from Stile.

Dane Laraway - Dog Hollow Late Model winner

After some 11th-hour maneuvers, Dane Laraway endured a scrappy fight with Dwayne Taneyhill to earn his first Late Model feature win at Dog Hollow Speedway. (Cory Stivason) 

Taneyhill proved a little tougher nut to crack as he protected the bottom from Laraway's low side attack. After following the leader throughout, Laraway moved to the high side and battled Taneyhill for two laps, exchanging the advantage a couple of times before the two cars made contact and Laraway regained his momentum first to take his first career checkered flag.

Taneyhill had to settle for a very close second, leading Stile, Clate Copeman, and Chad McClellan.

Mike Pegher, Jr. of Cranberry Township, Pa. claimed the Fastrak Late Model win.

June 13 Top 5: 1. Dane Laraway, 2. Dwayne Taneyhill, 3, Sammy Stile, 4. Clate Copeman, 5. Chad McClellan.

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