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Deer Creek Speedway - Spring Valley

Aug. 28:   On track championship night at the Creek, Jason Rauen took over the point while Doug Herrick moved into second on lap two.  Jake Hartung moved under Neil Eckhart to take over third with Waits taking control of fourth quickly.

With four complete, Hartung was working low on Herrick for second while Mike Prochnow worked past Eckhart for fifth.  On the next lap, Keith Foss started to pressure Prochnow for the fifth spot.    

Lap ten saw Herrick take over the lead, with Hartung now racing Rauen for the second spot. Prochnow and Kelly Anderson raced for sixth and the track championship, which only saw a few points separate the two heading into tonight. 

Two laps later, Hartung took over second, while Waits and Foss quickly moved around Rauen to take over third and fourth as the first caution flag flew over the field on lap 20.  On the restart, Herrick led with Waits into second.  Hartung and Foss raced for third until Foss took over the spot as the white flew.  Foss worked up high and used his momentum to move past Waits into the second spot going down the back chute on the last lap, but Herrick held on for the win while Prochnow stayed in front of Anderson for the championship. ~ Bill Nelson

Aug. 28 Finish: 1) Doug Herrick, 2) Keith Foss, 3) Brad Waits, 4) Jake Hartung, 5) Mike Prochnow.

Aug. 21 Finish: 1) Brad Waits, 2) Kelly Anderson, 3) Lance Matthees, 4) Mike Prochnow, 5) Nick Herrick

Aug. 14: 1) Brad Waits, 2) Jake Redetzke, 3) Rick Hanestad, 4) Mike Prochnow, 5) John Kaanta

Aug. 7: 1) Brad Waits, 2) Mike Prochnow, 3) Kelly Anderson, 4) Nick Beyenhof, 5) Doug Herrick

July 31: 1) Andy Altenburg, 2) Doug Herrick, 3) Mike Prochnow, 4) Brad Waits, 5) Kelly Anderson

July 24: 1) Keith Foss, 2) Mike Prochnow, 3) Kelly Anderson, 4) Doug Herrick, 5) Lance Matthees

July 17: 1) Keith Foss, 2) Lance Matthees, 3) Mike Prochnow, 4) Brad Waits, 5) Adam Hensel

July 10: 1) Doug Herrick, 2) Nick Herrick, 3) Kelly Anderson, 4) Kyle Jumbeck, 5) Joe Ludemann

July 3: See Dart Challenge Series special event coverage.

June 26: 1) Lance Matthees, 2) Nick Beyenhof, 3) Brad Waits, 4) Kyle Jumbeck, 5) Joe Ludemann

June 19: 1) Doug Herrick, 2) Jake Hartung, 3) Kyle Jumbeck, 4) Mike Prochnow, 5) Jordan Yaggy

May 28: Rained out.

May 22: 1. Lance Matthees, 2. Keith Foss, 3. Mike Prochnow, 4. Cory Mahder, 5. Kelly Anderson

May 15: 1. Kelly Anderson, 2. Lance Matthees, 3.Doug Herrick, 4. Kyle Jumbeck, 5. Nick Herrick

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson raced to his second win in a Late Model race car at Deer Creek Speedway on May 15th. (Rick Blewett)


May 1: 1. Kelly Anderson, 2. Lance Matthees, 3. Kyle Jumbeck, 4. Brad Waits, 5. Mike Prochnow

Mike Prochnow - Lance Matthees

Mike Prochnow tries to hold off an advancing Lance Matthees (#90), who moved into the top five and on to second behind Kelly Anderson in Saturday's LM feature at Deer Creek on May 1st. Prochnow faded to fifth. (Rick Blewett)


Updated 11/02/10

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