- AZ - USA Raceway Wild West Shootout - Jan.9 by Sam Holbrooks


Mars Captures First Win of 2010 in Wild West Shootout Opener

By Ryan Neuharth

TUCSON, Ariz - January 9. Picking up right where he left off the 2009 season, Jimmy Mars of Menomonie, Wisconsin wheeled his way from the pole to the opening night win of the 2010 Wild West Shootout.

Wild West Shootout Night #1:

1. Jimmy Mars, 2. Randy Korte, 3. Kelly Boen, 4. Billy Moyer, 5. John Anderson, 6. Terry Phillips, 7. Frank Heckenast, Jr, 8. Lonnie Parker, Jr, 9. Pat Doar, 10. Rob Mayea, 11. Eric Turner, 12. Matt Aukland, 13. Chris Shannon, 14. Clay Daly, 15. Brad Williams, 16. Don Shaw, 17. John Lowry, 18. Brad Looney, 19. Lance Matthees, 20. Andrew McKay, 21. Joey Moriarty, 22. Jeremy Payne, 23. Mike Balcean, 24. Mike Kirby


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Clarksville Speedway - Terry English

Jones Motor Speedway - Bubba Mullins

Kokomo Speedway - Bobby Pierce

Lake Cumberland Speedway - Skylar Marlar

Pittsburgh's Pa. Motor Speedway - Keith Barbara

Thunderhill Speedway - Mark Fields (LLM)

Tri-City Speedway - Randy Korte, Steve Lance, Jr.

Whynot Speedway - David Breazeale

In anticipation of next week's "Fall Classic" at Whynot (Miss.) Motorsports Park, David Breazeale led a field of 24 race cars to the win at the northeast Mississippi track last Saturday. (Connie Putnam)


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