- Aug 6 - Mt. Pleasant Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Jeep Van Wormer after his 28th ALMS win at Mt. Pleasant Speedway.

(Steve Datema)








ALMS: Van Wormer Adds Another Win to Growing Series Resume'

MT. PLEASANT, Mich. - Aug. 6. Starting fifth on the grid, Jeep Van Wormer wasted little time getting to the front and leading the rest of the way to earn his 28th American Late Model Series (ALMS) win at Mt. Pleasant Speedway on Friday.

Jeep Van Wormer - Bill Bray - Mt. Pleasant Speedway ALMS

Jeep Van Wormer races past #94 Bill Bray on his way to the Aug. 6th ALMS win at Mt. Pleasant Speedway. (Steve Datema)

Following the Pinconning, Mich. standout were fellow Michigan drivers Brian Ruhlman, Ryan Vanderveen, Zach Olger, and Eric Spangler.


Jeep Van Wormer after his 28th ALMS win at Mt. Pleasant Speedway.

(Jim Denhamer)

Jeep Van Wormer - Mt. Pleasant Speedway ALMS 











Aug. 6 - ALMS - Mt. Pleasant Speedway
1) Jeep Van Wormer, 2) Brian Ruhlman, 3) Ryan Vanderveen, 4) Zack Olger, 5) Eric Spangler, 6) Donnie Marcoullier, 7) Jeff Kohn, 8) Brandon Thirlby, 9) Brian Nickerson, 10) Scott Baker, 11) Curtis Roberts, 12) Sam Epling, 13) Rusty Schlenk, 14) Casey Noonan, 15) Dusty Moore, 16) Adam Thrush, 17) James Neff, 18) Carl Ries, 19) Brad Harden, 20) Bill Bray, 21) Renton Hurley, 22) Justin Robinson.
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