- Aug. 9 - West Liberty Raceway by Sam Holbrooks


Brian Birkhofer and Andy Eckrich at West Liberty Raceway

Andy Eckrich gave #15 Brian Birkhofer his best on the last lap of the West Liberty Raceway "Tornado Tuesday" event, but the race was "Birky's" to lose. He didn't. (Mike Ruefer)

Brian Birkhofer interview

Brian Birkhofer gives a post-race interview at West Lib. (Mike Ruefer)

Don O'Neal was in town to pilot the Moring Motorsports #1 to sixth place at West Liberty. The Indiana ace passes Dennis Erb, Jr., who mustered a tenth place showing. (Mike Ruefer)

Skip Frey and Denny Eckrich at West Liberty Raceway

Driving a redesigned #25, Chad Simpson races #50 Denny Eckrich at West Liberty. (Mike Ruefer)

Brian Harris at West Liberty

With a new skin and a new number #27, Brian Harris delivered a third place showing at West Liberty. (Mike Ruefer)

Chris Simpson at West Liberty Speedway

Continuing to improve his racing program, Chris Simpson races to fourth place ahead of brother Chad. (Mike Ruefer) 

Aug. 9 - West Liberty Raceway "Tornado Tuesday"
1) Brian Birkhofer, 2) Andy Eckrich, 3) Brian Harris, 4) Chris Simpson, 5) Chad Simpson, 6) Don O'Neal, 7) Jason Feger, 8) Denny Eckrich, 9) Jason Utter, 10) Dennis Erb, Jr., 11) Kurt Kile, 12) Justin Mitchell, 13) Jason McBride, 14) Chip Brindle, 15) Billy Moyer, 16) Jeremiah Hurst, 17) Matt Furman, 18) Jay Johnson, 19) Dave Eckrich, 20) Mike Fryer, 21) Nick Marolf, 22) Skip Frey, 23) Rob Moss, 24) Shannon Babb (24 entries)

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