- Aug. 4 - North Georgia Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Dale McDowell VL North Georgia Speedway

Dale McDowell after his long-awaited first win of the season in a non-sanctioned $5,000-to-win "Top Dog 50" at North Georgia Speedway. (Connie Putnam)

Dale McDowell at North Ga Speedway

Dale McDowell sails toward his first win of the season in the unsanctioned "Top Dog 50" at North Georgia Speedway. (Connie Putnam)

North Georgia wreck

An early pileup at North Georgia that involved, among others, #5 Eric Jacobsen, #212 Josh Putnam, #33 Brian Reese, and #99 Derek Ellis. (Connie Putnam)

Ray Cook and Ronnie Johnson at North Georgia Speedway

Ronnie Johnson and #53 Ray Cook race for second behind leader McDowell. (Connie Putnam)

William Thomas at North Georgia Speedway

William Thomas reeled in a fourth place finish at North Georgia.(Connie Putnam)

Ray Cook and Randy Weaver at North Georgia Speedway

Ray Cook looks outside of #99 Randy Weaver, who drove Derek Ellis's backup car to fifth place. (Connie Putnam)

Aug. 4 - North Georgia Speedway "Top Dog 50"
1) Dale McDowell, 2) Ronnie Johnson, 3) Ray Cook, 4) William Thomas, 5) Randy Weaver, 6) Vic Hill,7) Kevin Gibson, 8) Johnny Chastain, 9) David Payne, 10) Derek Ellis, 11) Skip Arp, 12) Eric Jacobsen, 13) Tyler Millwood, 14) George Mashburn, 15) Dusty Chitwood, 16) Brian Jackson, 17) Mike Hill, 18) Bobby Giffin, 19) Brian Reese, 20) Jake Knowles, 21) Ronnie Payne, 22) Josh Putnam, 23) Preston Graves, 24) Anthony Burroughs.

Ltd. Late Model Topless 30
1) Lamar Scoggins, 2) John Owenby, 3) Shannon Bearden, 4) Todd Hernandez, 5) Spencer Singleton, 6) Rick Hixson, 7) Greg Martin, 8) Michael Paige, 9) Bobby Mayse, 10) Devin Dillbeck, 11) Grayson York, 12) James Gamble, 13) Davey Davis, 14) Jamie Lundsford, 15) Andy Miller, 16) David Doss, 17) Aaron Wilson, 18) Shane Chitwood, 19) Scott Hall, 20) Jason Welshan, 21) Brian Burke

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