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UFO/ULMS: Pittsburgh's "Red Miley Rumble" to Richards  

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PITTSBURGH, Penn. - Aug. 28. Shinnston, West Virginia's Josh Richards made his first PPMS start of 2010 a winning one by picking up the fourth annual "Red Miley Rumble" UFO/ULMS 44-lap feature for the Mid-Atlantic DIRTcars.

After Jason Covert and Dave Johnson brought the field down for the start, Johnson led the first nine laps before Richards took over. Richards, who started sixth, had made quick work of the first four drivers, moving into second on the first lap, and following Johnson patiently before making his move. From that point on, Richards was never seriously challenged.

After the first caution flew on lap 15, Bart Hartman pulled into the pits with a broken driveshaft, and on the restart, Dennis Lunger spun in turn three. The race went four more laps before John Mollick slowed on lap 20 and piitted.

At this point. 2008 RMR winner Steve Baker, who started 21st, was up to seventh using his regular against the wall groove, but the restart saw eighth running John Flinner get into Baker's rear going into the first turn, spinning him out, and stacking up Baker, Jared Hawkins, Jason Rider, Tom Beck, Chad McClellan, and Danny Mitchell. All returned to the event except Mitchell, who was helped off the track by two wreckers.

After the last yellow came out on lap 29 for a Jared Miley flat, the rest of the event ran without incident, with Richards leading Johnson, Covert, Dave Hess, Jr. (who was the hard charger coming from 19th), and Boom Briggs in the top five.

The rained out 28 lap UFO/ULMS Penn National Late Model feature from July 24th was also run, with current PPMS point leader Mike Johnson grabbing his biggest win ever and his first ever UFO/ULMS event.

Dennis Lunger led at the start, but Keith Barbara and Boom Briggs quickly moved into the front spots and battled for first, while 10th starting Johnson and 11th starting Steve Baker moved into the top five before a yellow came out on the second lap for Chad McClellan.

On the restart  Jason Rider spun, and the next restart saw Briggs have engine problems and not go, stacking several cars behind him, including Jared Miley, Jim Lepro, Ben Miley, Chad McClellan, with Jason Rider flipping over in the incident. Rider was okay while the red flag was displayed to clean up the mess. Ben Miley and McClellan were able to return.

After another failed start with a spinning Bump Hedman, the race resumed and Johnson shot past the leader and pulled away into a different time zone, while the battle for second heated up between Barbara, Baker, and Lynn Geisler, who finished in that order as Brandon Burgoon charged from 23rd to fifth.

With 26 of the original 29 starters returning, 24 started the feature, with Dave Wade and Daryl Charlier not making the call.


PPMS "Red Miley Rumble"
1) Josh Richards, 2) Davey Johnson, 3) Jason Covert, 4) Dave Hess Jr., 5) Boom Briggs, 6) Mike Johnson, 7) Tommy Beck, 8) Keith Barbara, 9) Lynn Geisler, 10) Greg Satterlee, 11) Ben Miley, 12) Ron Davies, 13) Steve Baker, 14) Jim Stephans, 15) Jared Miley, 16) Jim Lepro, 17) Jared Hawkins, 18) Bump Hedman, 19) Dave Murdick, 20) Garrett Krummert, 21) Chad McClellan, 22) Dennis Lunger, 23) Daryl Charlier, 24) John Flinner, 25) Brandon Burgoon, 26) Matt Lux, 27) Jason Rider, 28) John Mollick, 29) Danny Mitchell, 30) Doug Dodd, 31) Bart Hartman, 32) Mark Banal

Heat winners (45 entries): Richards, Hartman, J. Miley, Burgoon, Barbara; B-Main winners: Baker, B. Miley.

Make up feature from 7/24/10 - 1) Mike Johnson, 2) Keith Barbara, 3) Steve Baker, 4) Lynn Geisler, 5) Brandon Burgoon, 6) Dennis Lunger, 7) Brandon Wearing, 8) John Flinner, 9) Jim Stephans, 10) Tommy Beck, 11) Mike Norris, 12) John Mollick, 13) Charles Medved, 14) Chad McClellan, 15) Bump Hedman, 16) Derek Frank, 17) Alex Ferree, 18) Ben Miley, 19) Danny Mitchell, 20) Boom Briggs, 21) Mark Banal, 22) Jared Miley, 23) Jim Lepro, 24) Jason Rider.

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