- Aug. 27 - Hartford Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


JR Hotovy - Curtis Roberts - ALMS at Hartford Speedway

After starting fifth in the field, #9 Curtis Roberts races by #13 J.R. Hotovy en route to a  lead he would give up to Brady Smith halfway through the "Lane 46" event at Hartford Speedway. (Steve Datema)

ALMS: Interloper Smith Routs "Lane 46" Field at Hartford

HARTFORD, Mich. - Aug. 27. Entering the field through a consolation race win to start 19th on the grid, Solon Springs, Wisconsin's Brady proved to be a quick study in his first-ever appearance at Hartford Motor Speedway, where he decimated the ALMS field with a run from the rear to win the $4,600 "Lane 46" event.

Brady Smith - Curtis Roberts - Hartford Speedway ALMS

Brady Smith passes #9 Curtis Roberts for the lead halfway through the "Lane 46" event at Hartford Speedway. (Jim Denhamer)

Brady Smith at Hartford. (Jim Denhamer)
Moving forward between a slew of cautions, Smith took charge just before the halfway point of the 46-lap event.  The most significant race slowdown saw series points leader Brian Ruhlman put his #39 on top of the outside guardrail, taking him out early.  His chief pursuer in points, Rusty Schlenk, could only muster 15th place in a borrowed car, lessening some of the damage to Ruhlman's position.

Curtis Roberts made his way from his fifth position start to the lead, only to lose it to Smith at the halfway point, leaving the Coleman, Mich driver in second at the wire.

ALMS - Hartford Speedway
1) Brady Smith, 2) Curtis Roberts, 3) Phil Ausra, 4) J.R. Hotovy, 5) Curt Spalding, 6) Alan Vochaska, 7) Casey Noonan, 8) Steve Ausra, 9) Chad White, 10) Mark Wagner, 11) Dusty Moore, 12) Doug Ausra, 13) Ryan Vanderveen, 14) Jeep Van Wormer, 15) Rusty Schlenk, 16) Kerry Mathew, 17) Skid Moudy, 18) Frank Heckenast Jr., 19) Guy Volk, 20) Rick Whipple, 21) Randy Woodling, 22) Dona Marcoullier, 23) Jeremy Ferguson, 24) Scott Baker, 25) Brandon Thirlby, 26) Brian Ruhlman.
Heat winners: Ruhlman, Van Wormer, Vochaska, B-Main winner: Smith

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