- Aug. 21 - I-96 Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Jeep Van Wormer - I-96 Speedway ALMS

Jeep Van Wormer races past #27 Eric Spangler.  Van Wormer led the early going until a slip off-track opened the door for Ruhlman.  The Pinconning, Mich. driver recovered third. (Steve Datema)

(Top) In ALMS action at I-96, Bill Bray appears to pinch off #30 Josh Scott, who's trapped between Bray and #7 Trevor Sloan. (Photo #2 and #3) Scott gets loose and drives over Ryan Vanderveen before collecting #67 Chris Keller. (Photo #4)An angry Vanderveen waits for Bray and leaps up onto his hood, damaging Bray's car. (Randy Ellen photos)
ALMS: Ruhlman Repeats at I-96

LAKE ODESSA, Mich. - Aug. 21. Brian Ruhlman picked up his second straight win in August and his third on the season with the Sunoco American Late Model Series (ALMS) at I-96 Speedway.

Ruhlman, of Clarklake, Mich., got a little help from early leader Jeep Van Wormer, whose high-flying driving style yielded a brief slip off the track's top side, giving Ruhlman the opening he needed to grab a lead he would not relinquish.  Canadian driver Andrew Reaume made his own impression on the tour when he drove by Van Wormer and held down second at the finish.

With Ruhlman grabbing the win over Reaume and Van Wormer and thus bolstering his point lead on the regional tour, veteran Kris Patterson and Devin Shiels also captured top five finishes. Ruhlman got another boost to his points position when second in points Rusty Schlenk suffered a disappointing non-finish near the rear of the finishing order after an early altercation with another car.






Rusty Schlenk lost ground to leader Brian Ruhlman in points with an early race-ending tangle with another car.

(Randy Ellen)









Aug. 21 - ALMS - I-96 Speedway
1). Brian Ruhlman, 2). Andrew Reaume, 3). Jeep Van Wormer, 4). Kris Patterson, 5). Devin Shiels, 6). Curtis Roberts, 7). Dusty Moore, 8). Scott Baker, 9). Scott Ehlert, 10). Eric Spangler, 11). Adam Thrush, 12). Trevor Sloand, 13). Dona Marcoullier, 14). Bill Bray, 15). Chris Keller, 16). Josh Scott, 17). Ryan Vanderveen, 18). Brandon Thirlby, 19). Zach Olger, 20). Rusty Schlenk, 21). Ben Hidy, 22). Curtis Deisenroth.

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