- Aug. 21 - Highland Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Jason Feger flipped - NALMS at Highland Speedway

After a slose encounter with Ryan Unzicker and the wall on the final lap, Jason Feger winds up on his lid with third place. (Billy Haffer)

Northern All Stars: Melvin Outruns NALMS Field at Highland

Highland Speedway p.r.

HIGHLAND, Ill. - Aug. 21. The Northern Allstars Late Models racing series stopped at the Highland Speedway Saturday. Rodney Melvin, of Benton, Ill., raced from the pole position to take his first win of the season with the tour, and the sixth of his career. 

Melvin had Ryan Unzicker alongside for the start, ahead of two Highland regulars, Michael Kloos and Paul Bailey. Row three saw a pair of #25 cars, Highland favorite Frankie Martin, and crowd favorite, "The High Side Hustler", Jason Feger.

Rodney Melvin - Highland Speedway NALMS VL

Rodney Melvin at Highland Speedway. (Drew England)

At the start, the first two rows stayed paired up until a lap eight caution forced a single file restart, with Melvin sitting up front, followed by Unzicker, Feger and Kloos. By lap 13, the leaders were catching the back of the field, but a lap 17 caution flag flew for Aaron Kleine's stopped car.  

Rodney Melvin - Ryan Unzicker - Highland Speedway NALMS

Rodney Nelvin duels #24 Ryan Unzicker before rolling to the Northern All Stars win Saturday at Highland (Ill.) Speedway. (Below) Kevin Weaver slows to go under Jason Feger at the completion of Saturday's NALMS main event at Highland Speedway. Feger finished third on his lid. (Drew England photos)

Jason Feger - Kevin Weaver - Highland Speedway NALMS

Two laps onto the restart, Feger was putting pressure on Unzicker. Using every inch of the speedway Feger brushed the wall on lap 25 and had to regroup to take one more shot at the leaders. Racing past the “two to go flag”, Unzicker was trying to overtake Melvin, while Feger had caught back up to the front pair. Kloos was hanging onto the bottom setting up his own run at the front.

Michael Kloos - Jason Feger - Drew England

Michael Kloos races inside of Jason Feger in the battle for third in NALMS action at Highland Speedway. Feger got the spot at the finish, but unlike his foe, Kloos finished on all four wheels. (Drew England)

As the four took the white flag, Feger knew this would be his last chance at the leaders coming from the high side in turn four he made his charge at Unzicker, who was taking his shot at Melvin. Running alongside side the front stretch wall, Feger was pinched up and climbed the wall, passing the flag stand with two wheels riding the wall. Just past the stripe, his #25 car went over on its roof. The balance of the field took abrasive maneuvers as not to collect themselves into the crashed racer of Feger.

Safety crews were on the scene immediately and a smiling Jason Feger emerged from the upside down car to a roaring ovation from the Highland crowd. Melvin collected his second big payday in a row at Highland, as he won the Racing for the Cause benefit just a few weeks earlier. Unzicker was scored second, Feger, in dramatic fashion was third, ahead of Kloos and Martin.

John Beck - Dillan White - Highland Speedway NALMS

Dillan White and #28 John Beck in action at Highland. (Drew England)

Aug. 21 - NALMS - Highland Speedway
1) Rodney Melvin, 2) Ryan Unzicker, 3) Jason Feger, 6) Michael Kloos, 7)Frankie Martin, 6) Steve Lance, 7) Kevin Weaver, 8) Bobby Dauderman, 9) Paul Bailey, 10) Adam Mefford, 11) Dillan White, 12) Chad Zobrist, 13) Mark Faust, 14) John Beck, 15) Mike Hammerle, 16) Brian Diveley, 17) Mike Schulte, 18) Brandon Sheppard, 19) Dick Taylor, 20) Aaron Kleine, 21) Brandon Hogenson
Heat winners (30 entries): Kloos, Melvin, Unzicker; Consi winner: Faust

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